TPC Trainee Chats! Danielle Maracic

1. Why did you choose TPC?

I chose TPC because of Amy and Rachel. They truly believe in the work of Joseph Pilates and have continued to teach it in the way he had intended. 

2. How did you originally find out about TPC?

I originally found out about TPC through a graduate of the program. I knew I wanted to be classically trained but had no idea which program would be a good fit. After speaking with several pilates instructors, someone mentioned TPC. She told me about the history of Amy and Rachel and the community support that you are exposed to throughout the program. After observing a trainee class during a visit to Colorado, I knew this was the program for me! Seeing Amy work with a group of trainees to explore the body was so exciting! Everyone worked together, asking questions and throwing out ideas. It appeared to be such a comfortable and safe environment to learn. 

3. Why do you want to become a Pilates teacher? 

I initially began pilates because it was a low impact way to move my body. At the time, I had been suffering with chronic pain due to an autoimmune disease. I went an entire year without exercise and thought this would be a good option. Over time, I started to notice that my chronic pain was going away. I was in shock! I became eager to learn more about pilates and wanted to become a teacher so that I could help others dealing with chronic pain. 

4. What are you enjoying most about your training so far?

The most exciting part about the training program was seeing/feeling my body change. I can’t even believe what my body is now capable of. Yes, doing level IV and V exercises is cool but being able to wake up pain free every morning is even better! I have become much more aware of how I move my body not only during pilates but during daily tasks like squatting down or simply standing.  

5. What are you finding most challenging about the training so far?

For me, the most challenging part of the training program was going from teaching trainees to real clients. I spent a lot of time initially working with other trainees and when I began teaching real clients, I was shocked to realize how specific I needed to be in my directions. Something as simple as flex your feet caused confusion. It taught me a lot about knowing the clients working level and not assuming the client knows what you want. 

6. How are you finding TPC TTP during this season of Covid? 

Strange! I spent the first half of my program at TPC twice a week. When Covid hit, the studio closed and I had no choice but to adapt. With no equipment at my home, I had to focus on doing mat and teaching mat via zoom. It was very challenging in the beginning and really forced me to work on getting my words out. I  had to think about what I needed to say to get what I wanted from the client without being able to touch them. That experience taught me so much! But, I am glad that the studio is open again because getting on the equipment during your training program is so important! 

7. Do you have any tips for potential future TPC teacher trainees? 

My biggest tip would be to spend time at TPC! When I first started the program I felt so alone and confused. As I spent more time at TPC, I had the opportunity to meet other trainees as well as all of the wonderful teachers. Being in the studio and working with other trainees allowed me to work through the material and ask questions as they came up. I set aside time each week to practice teach with another trainee which not only held me accountable for my hours, but gave me time to work through teaching single exercises or an entire lesson. Not to mention the fact that on several occasions, teachers on break would pop in to help us with partnering or a modification idea. 

8. What do you hope to do once you have graduated from TPC TTP? 

Now that I have graduated from TPC, I hope to work with others suffering from chronic pain. Pilates has given me my life back and I want it to do that for others as well. I am so sad to be finished with my program, but I am already trying to figure out when to bridge the advanced program so I can get back to working with everyone!