TPC Grad Chats! Susanne Liiri

This week we had a wonderful chat with TPC grad and Finnish native Susanne Liiri, who, via a stint in London, ended up in Boulder, CO where she completed The Pilates Center’s Advanced Teacher Training Program. Susanne has taught all over the world, including London, Beirut, Dubai, Australia, Finland and Dublin and is passionate about Pilates, tango and climbing.


Hi Suse, how are you today?

I’m good thanks!


Where are you and what are you up to right now? 

Sitting at the computer doing some admin and getting ready to travel away for tango this coming weekend.


How did you find out about TPC?

I by chance landed at a London studio where TPC grad, Linda Zurak, was teaching. I immediately recognized the difference in Linda’s teaching. Then, I was lucky enough to meet Amy when she visited London the following year – although by that time I was already sold on TPC’s Teacher Training Program and wanting to do it!


What was your reason for choosing to train with TPC? 

The sheer quality of The Pilates Center’s teaching as well as their international recognition, I wanted to do a program that would give me the best possible teaching skills and also a program that is respected and well known internationally.


Did you look at other schools? 

I did a mat training back home in Finland and unfortunately I paid a lot of money for very little quality… After that I did quite a bit of research, but wasn’t really happy with the module training options I saw.


What was it about TPC that made it stand out from the other Pilates training schools you looked at?

The authenticity and willingness to keep on learning and exploring. Also TPC’s mission to heal the world through Pilates and their desire to keep the work as close to Mr Pilates original method as possible.


Why do you think TPC is the best option for people wanting to become Pilates teachers?

The Pilates Center, Boulder will not only teach you the classical Pilates material, they will teach you how to teach it!


What was / is your favourite things about TPC’s teacher training programme?

I did my training in Boulder and it was the personal care and the amazing amount of talent in that studio – TPC is made up of so many super experienced teachers! They pushed me, but in an encouraging way, always believing I could better myself. Everyone at TPC became family in many ways, as have some of the trainees/grads I met either in Boulder or have met since around the world.


What do you think your experience at TPC has given you most?

A profession I can do anywhere in the world, language permitting, and lots of great friends and connections around the world! Pilates has so far taken me from London to Boulder, CO, then Dubai to Dublin and I’ve been teaching in so many places from Australia to the States and anywhere in between. I never knew how much I’d really get from being part of the TPC family!


What would you say to someone who is considering training with TPC?

Do it! It’s the best and worth every penny! And so well recognized you can find a job pretty much anywhere in the world. Especially now, since there are grads all over the place!