TPC Grad Chats! Nick Hongola

This week we chatted with Nick Hongola – TPC Graduate, actor, ukulele player and gardener! Nick graduated from The Pilates Center, Boulder’s Intermediate Plus Program in winter 2016. He works at Body Chemistry Pilates Studio in the Mission District of San Francisco, is originally from Richmond, California, and first discovered Pilates in graduate school when one of his movement instructors taught him the Hundred.


Hi Nick, how are you today?

I’m good, thank you for including me in this!

Where are you and what are you up to right now?

I’m actually practicing the ukulele in my bedroom. I recently received it as a gift from my parents for my birthday and it has provided me hours of entertainment as you can imagine!

How did you first discover Pilates? 

I discovered Pilates in graduate school when one of our movement instructors introduced the class to the Hundred. I have to admit the first time I did it I wasn’t sold on Pilates, but after a couple more tries and after practicing at home I started to notice the benefits.


How did you find out about TPC?

I was working on the front desk at a studio in Portland called reForm Pilates and Movement. I was lucky enough to trade work in order to practice Pilates, and one of the studio owners is a graduate of The Pilates Center. When I decided to pursue Pilates as a career they told me there were a couple of training options, but the option I most liked was to learn through studio owner Teresa Lee, who is also a TPC host advisor.


What was your reason for choosing to train with TPC? 

It’s the best!


Did you look at other schools? 

I did, not many.

What was it about TPC that made it stand out from the other Pilates training schools you looked at?

After researching for a bit I realized I liked the set up of iTPC. I also liked the founders of the school – they seemed to know a lot (and they do). I also really liked my teacher at the studio in Portland, so it seemed like a perfect fit for me.


Also, to be very honest, I knew I would get such good training that I wouldn’t have to worry about not getting a job, and, actually, I was hired before I graduated.


Why do you think TPC is the best option for people wanting to become Pilates teachers?

Well I like to think of it like this, if you’re going to be a good musician or good actor you have to know the classics. You have to know where everything came from, the history of it all. I knew that TPC was going to give me an amazing education in Pilates, a foundation like no other that would allow me to keep my interest as an instructor as well as make me feel very confident in my teaching.


What was / is your favourite things about TPC’s teacher training programme?

My favorite part about the program was mainly the lectures, especially as an iTPC student because I could go back to the videos at any point in my training to help perfect my knowledge.

What do you think your experience at TPC has given you most?

A better understanding of my body, plus finding a type of fitness that resonates with my body, and simultaneously feels good to teach to others. Confidence, I actually feel like I’m helping people, and that helps me, it makes me happy!


What would you say to someone who is considering training with TPC?

Do your homework and choose the program that’s best for you. Don’t be afraid to fail, but do be passionate about learning Pilates.

What is your favourite Pilates exercise and / or apparatus and why?

The chair! Everything on the chair! I love the chair because it’s extremely compact and every time I use it I feel stronger and as though I’ve got a good hold on my practice.