The 2016 Hip and Knee Conference

July 20-24, 2016
Boulder, CO

As Pilates teachers today we see an alarming number of clients facing or rehabilitating from hip and knee injuries and surgeries. It’s truly an epidemic. What’s going on? Why is this happening? And how can we help? Because of this situation, we at TPC felt it was urgent and essential that we focus specifically on these issues now.

The conference will include experts from several related fields including orthopedics, physical therapy, Rolfing and more, who will provide the facts, figures, protocols and techniques that we, as Pilates teachers, need to work with this whose combined years of teaching experience comprises well over 100 years!

This conference includes information that is useful for everyone – not just teachers. Clients, athletes, weekend warriors, of all ages, post- and pre- surgery, and even those who haven’t yet experienced the powerful benefits of Pilates will discover tools and techniques for keeping their hips and knees healthy. Pilates transforms every body and is truly the healing method of the future. Contact to register.