Yevett Karpel

Pilates Teacher, Host Advisor

Yevett graduated from CU Boulder with a degree in French Literature. On her way to a Master’s degree, she became a mom, forever changing her life. She fell madly in love with her daughters and co- founded their arts integrated elementary school, the Boulder Community School of Integrated Studies, where she volunteered and worked on the steering committee for 10 years to help establish the fledgling school into one of Boulder’s top schools of choice.

Yevett discovered Pilates after numerous other modalities failed to heal injuries she suffered in a car accident. The life-altering benefits she achieved through the Pilates Method made her a faithful convert. After 10 years as a client, Yevett decided to pursue a deeper understanding of Pilates both for herself and to share with others. She received her Advanced Teacher Training Diploma from The Pilates Center in Boulder Colorado in October 2010.  She now enjoys teaching the classical Pilates Method to help others find strength, flexibility, balance, and a deeper understanding of their own bodies. She strives to create a nurturing, fun, and safe environment to empower others to achieve a greater sense of physical and mental well-being.