Lorna Magee

Host Advisor

Unit 3b, 9 Park Hill
London SW4 9NS
+44 7904 023181

Lorna Magee was first introduced to Pilates as a young dancer, which sparked a lifelong enthusiasm for the grace, athleticism, and inherent wisdom of what Joseph Pilates termed Contrology.

Lorna is originally from the USA, but after pursuing a degree in Economics and spending a couple of years teaching English in Madagascar, she landed in London and decided to return to her movement roots and completing her Pilates teacher training through The Pilates Center at Pepilates, London. Since becoming a full-time teacher, she has guest-taught in Dublin, Hong Kong, and India, and assisted and advised on The Pilates Center’s training programs at Pepilates. Lorna has continued to be inspired by the great teachers around her at both those in London and those visiting from afar and has been very lucky to take part in regular workshops and trainings throughout the years.

More than anything, Lorna loves to move, and to share the joy of movement with her students. She believes that the Pilates workout is the perfect antidote to the stresses and strains of modern life and that it is the ideal complement to all of our other pursuits. In her classes she strives to give her clients the joy of deep, strong movement, and to share the amazing potential that Pilates unlocks in every body.