Lindy Irwin

Host Advisor

Lindy Irwin
Private Residence (Please contact for address)
Austin, TX 78746

Lindy Irwin has eleven years of experience teaching Pilates.  Lindy grew up as a classical ballet dancer in Saint Petersburg, Florida and studied at various ballet schools including Pennsylvania Ballet, Boston Ballet, Dallas Metropolitan Ballet, and Ballet Austin.  Lindy had been exposed to Pilates intermittently throughout her ballet training and turned to it to heal her severe Achilles tendonitis that ended her dance career. Lindy earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Ballet from Texas Christian University, where Pilates was an integral part of the dance program.  She earned her classical comprehensive Pilates certification from Colleen Glenn in 2002 in Dallas, Texas.  She went on to study at the internationally renowned classical Pilates education center, The Pilates Center in Boulder, Colorado where she completed the Master’s Program in 2007. Working with remarkable teachers, Amy Taylor Alpers, Rachel Taylor Segel, Debora Kolwey, and Leah Wecksler, inspired Lindy to do more study in Boulder and complete their Advanced Teacher Training Program in 2013.  Lindy earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Baylor University in 2010, where she practiced in Vascular Surgery and saw the devastatingly ill effects of disease that pervades a large portion of the population. This experience enhanced Lindy’s commitment to helping people reap the physiological benefits of Pilates, such as spinal and joint decompression, improved breathing, increased circulation, and tissue oxygenation, as it pertains to preventive health and quality of life. Lindy has worked with clients from ages 12-80 and from various chronic conditions/pathologies to the professional athlete.