April Ingham

Pilates Teacher and Licensed Teacher Trainer

April Ingham, a native to Evergreen, Colorado; April is passionate about the outdoors and all it has to offer for those who are physically active. Participating in sports her entire life; from skiing, basketball, tennis and hiking in her youth to triathlons in adulthood, April has an affinity for athleticism, and the happiness it brings to our lives. During her years of triathlon training and long distance cycling, April discovered Pilates as a means of cross training. After two years of Pilates, she discovered how the practice dramatically improved her ability to not only ride and run longer distances, but to also recover more quickly without low back and general muscle fatigue. Pilates has changed her life and body in ways that are vastly different, yet complimentary to endurance and strength training workouts. This is where her enthusiasm for sharing her experience with those who are passionate about their own health and longevity begins. On her off time, April trains with the Boulder Master’s Cycling Team and will plan to race with the Boulder Orthopedics women’s team throughout 2014. April received her Advanced Teacher Training Diploma from The Pilates Center in April of 2011.