Elevate Your Teaching – Cultivate Your Expertise – Become a Recognized Authority

How does a Pilates teacher become a recognized authority?

By asking powerful questions that probe deeply into a subject!

That’s what this mentorship style program is all about.

In this 19 month program*, you’ll work closely with your chosen mentor from The Pilates Center’s highly experienced staff on a subject of deep interest to you. You’ll develop critical thinking and analytical reasoning skills to acquire true command of your topic. The end result will be a publishable article or a powerful workshop you are fully prepared to teach.

*3 Tracks

TPC Teacher Training Program Graduates

Prerequisite: 1 year post grad

Non-TPC Teacher Training Program Graduates

For Classical teachers trained through a recognized comprehensive program.
Prerequisite: 2 years post grad

Non-TPC Advanced/Bridge Teacher Training Program Graduates

For Contemporary Teachers
Prerequisite: Completion of TPC Formal Lecture Series online or live and 3 years professional teaching


Students can start twice a year, with a group, either February or August. Students must visit Boulder twice a year for a total of 4 visits in the 19 months: Mentoring/Master’s Week (February) and TPC Post Graduate Week (August), then repeat the following year. Mentoring/Master’s Week will include teachers not in the Post Grad program, but Post Grad students will have additional time spent with Amy: 2 additional hours on the first day and 1 additional hour each day in which the PG students will discuss ideas to focus on and develop during their program.

Program Details

  • 16 hours mentoring at TPC, live or over Skype
  • 40 hours during Master’s Week – 5 days (additional Mentoring 2-3 hours)
  • 30 hours Post Graduate Week – 3 days (additional Mentoring 2-3 hours)
  • 4 Mentoring Meetings a year (minimum) spread out over 19 months, to discuss and work on desired. Each session is $80.00 USD
  • 8 Observed Teaching Sessions with the focus on the topic the student has chosen, whether live or over Skype. ($80 per hour)
  • 4 Skype/Live Lessons a year (total of 8 Skype lessons) with Amy teaching one of the PG student’s clients with the focus on the topic the student has chosen. ($80 per hour)
  • 4 Topic Reports (similar to a Case Study Report, but can be with different clients) with a Final Topic Report. Students will need to find 3 reference materials to assist with their topic. A rough draft will be submitted for review and returned to the student with feedback. The Final paper to be reviewed by Amy with feedback at the end.
  • At the end of the program, each student will present their topic and/or paper or workshop to the group. Student will be supported in submitting their paper to a few different publishing agencies, i.e. Pilates Style, Pilates Intel; or applying to present a workshop at the PMA conference, etc.

For more details, contact kelli@thepilatescenter.com.