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The Pilates Center continues Joseph Pilates legacy directly through elder Romana Kryzanowska with not one but three second generation teachers at the helm, trained by Romana, Kathy Grant and Eve Gentry. Founders Amy and Rachel with Romana started the Pilates Center Teacher Training Program in 1991 and have continued to develop the highest caliber of teachers, with the most comprehensive and in-depth classical teacher program available.

Our goal at TPC is not just to teach you how to do Pilates but how to heal people with Pilates. Our commitment is to health. It’s our mission to heal the world by helping people heal themselves with Pilates – that was Joseph Pilates’ ultimate desire. Almost anyone who wants to can learn how to be a Pilates Instructor. You can get educated in Pilates over a weekend. We believe this is merely the starting point and does little to truly allow the instructor to assess each client’s unique needs and provide them with the life changing possibilities Pilates so powerfully offers – the potential to truly heal and, thereby, “return to life.”

True teaching requires a profound level of both deeper knowledge of the subject matter and a calling to truly care for the unique nature of each client’s personal journey back to full mind-body-spirit health. And that is our approach through our Teacher Training Programs. Explore the deeper theoretical aspects of Pilates, the “what” and “why”; Discover the real meaning and purpose of the movements and how essentially intertwined they are throughout the system, so that these amazing exercises can actually heal the body, mind and spirit. If we as teachers can understand the ultimate intention of the Pilates Method as a whole we can share that knowledge with our clients and empower them to heal themselves with Pilates.

Our passion is to train and nurture our students to become true Pilates teachers, creating a journey where they can discover their own potential, explore their passion and awaken the teacher within themselves.

“To be a great teacher you need to be in open discovery mode, on your own constant personal journey to profound health. There is no other path.” Amy Taylor Alpers

Boulder or World Wide

We are headquartered in Boulder, CO but have licensed studios and advisors across the world to support you through your program. Our Licensed Teacher Trainers and Host Advisors are graduates of our rigorous Advanced Teacher Training Program, and apprentice trainees in our philosophy and approach to teaching Pilates. Our online Learning Management System, iTPC provides you with all the tools you need to complete our programs wherever you are in the world, at your own pace and schedule. iTPC contains our Formal Lecture Series videos where Amy and Rachel walk you through every exercise in the classical Pilates Method as well as various classes held at our Boulder studio, so even if you don’t make it to Boulder you have a piece with you throughout your journey.

Discover Your Potential

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Whether you are new to teaching Pilates or a teacher looking to grow your expertise we offer several different programs each designed to suit your individual goals and lifestyle. Check them all out in detail here or visit the Become a Teacher links toward the top right of this page.

The Pilates Center is approved and regulated by the Colorado Department of Higher Education, Division of Private Occupational Schools Board. All of our programs meet requirements to take the National Pilates Certification Program exam.