Growing as a Pilates Instructor

Advice from Three Experts, by Holly Nova

In January 2017, I made a big change. I quit my career of 15 years to become a Pilates teacher. I’d been feeling like my soul was slowly dying as I sat behind my desk, doing the same things over and over. Several years earlier, I had completed a training program,

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Nation’s Overall Health in Decline

No kidding . . .

Premature deaths (passing before the age of 75) have risen 5% since 2015
Drug-related deaths have increased by 7%
Cardiovascular deaths have risen by 5%

The United States is 27th out of the 35 participating countries in the study by the United Health Foundations.

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Rachel Interviews for ‘Pilates is Health’

See Rachel’s interview with the PMA for their initiative “Pilates is Health”


Ballet dancer for over twenty years and dealing with many aches and pains, Rachel became inspired by watching group of senior citizens in great shape practicing the method. Her gradual and complete transition from dancing to Pilates eliminated various pain issues throughout her body.

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TPC is a PSAP Approved School!

The Pilates Center is officially one of the first schools to be approved by the PMA and part of the
new PMA Pilates School Approval Program!


Find out more about the Pilates School Approval Program (PSAP)


Here’s what Amy had to say about the new program to Pilates Style Magazine:

“We have been longtime staunch supporters of raising the bar on Pilates teacher-training programs everywhere.

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Amy and Rachel on Romana

Amy Taylor Alpers and Rachel Taylor Segel tell us how they found out about Pilates and what drew them to Romana Kryzanowska. They describe Romana’s great energy and how she had eagle eyes in the studio. Amy and Rachel also reveal what they believe to be Romana’s greatest contributions to the Pilates method.

Watch on Pilates Anytime here

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Maintaing the Integrity and Spirit of Pilates by Amy Taylor Alpers

Romana Kryzanowska (1923 – 2013)
Maintaining the Integrity and Spirit of Pilates
by Amy Taylor Alpers, Mar 29th 2017

Romana Kryzanowska loved life, and she lived a full, rich, colorful, satisfying, adventurous one, always surrounded by family, friends and students. She was part “American Annie Oakley”, part “Russian prima ballerina”, part “Peruvian shepherdess”, and part “elegant European grande dame”

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