Take Pilates Classes from Anywhere in the World

Wherever you are in the world, Pilates is available to you. At The Pilates Center, we pride ourselves on being person-centered and meeting you where you are, from the exercises we use to our available locations both on and offline. 

All of our Zoom classes are scheduled in Mountain Time (MST or GMT-7), and you can view our entire class schedule here and sign up for a Zoom class here.

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The Pilates Center Honors Its 32-Year History

The Pilates Center in Boulder is committed to carrying out the true mission of the Pilates method taught by Joseph Pilates. His original mission upon developing this incredible method of movement was to heal the world through healing the body. 

“We know it’s a big mission [to carry out these teachings], but we truly believe that we teach peace when we empower people to heal their bodies,

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What Makes The Pilates Center Worth Celebrating

The Pilates Center founders, Amy Taylor Alpers and Rachel Taylor Segel, are firm believers in the idea that when you heal yourself you can ultimately heal the world.

Their 32nd Birthday Bash this year honors their rich history and impact around the world. Amy and Rachel are amazed and humbled at how far and wide they have been able to share the teachings of Joseph Pilates.

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Lost in Translation: How the Pilates Method Has Changed Over the Years

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Part II
by Amy Alpers

In my last article on this subject, I discussed several key differences between the way Romana taught certain Pilates exercises in the 1980s/90s, versus the way they are shown on archival film footage from the 1940s. Specifically, we looked at how the idea of always having to have the hands in your periphery may “protect the shoulder from injury,” but does not lead to the necessary upper back and shoulder strength and range that many Pilates exercises actually require – for both safety and effectiveness.

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TPC Trainee Chats! Danielle Maracic

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1. Why did you choose TPC?

I chose TPC because of Amy and Rachel. They truly believe in the work of Joseph Pilates and have continued to teach it in the way he had intended. 

2. How did you originally find out about TPC?

I originally found out about TPC through a graduate of the program.

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TPC Trainee Chats! Jane Rahil

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Why did you choose TPC?

I had done some different types of Pilates before, but found that old school Joe resonated strongest with me. When I decided to make the leap into teaching, I started researching courses in classical Pilates with an element of apprenticeship. I wanted a programme which was rigorous, challenging and internationally recognised.

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