Made to the same exacting dimensions as an original built by Joseph Pilates, the CenterLine® Reformer is the smoothest, quietest ride on the classical market. Softer, textured carriage wheels provide increased carriage resistance. This facilitates and improves balanced joint and core activity, as does the size and smooth swiveling action of the strap handles. The Reformer also has curved shoulder blocks and a headrest that is flush with the carriage – just like Joe’s original.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

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Frame, Finish & Hardware
  • Strata® Rock Maple with Limited Lifetime Warranty.
  • Frame is sanded by hand and finished with a lustrous satin finish.
  • Extra-wide 7″ boards combined with fitted and joined frame and legs create an exceptionally sturdy, stable machine.
  • Foot plate bracket pre-installed (for optional foot plate/jumpboard).
  • Two brackets pre-installed on each side of the frame, for storage of gondola pole and short box dowel.
Carriage, Straps and Handles
  • Softer, textured carriage wheels provide increased drag for the carriage, facilitating balanced joint and core activity.
  • Padded carriage is upholstered in heavy-duty vinyl. Choose from 51 colors.
  • Shoulder posts/handles hold straps off the floor.
  • Leather straps, uniquely adjustable in length as they relax over time.
  • Swiveling handles for greatest ease of movement in exercises like Rowing.
  • Casters widely positioned for improved line of motion away from shoulder blocks.
  • Durable nickel-plated springs with tapered ends and swivel hooks.
  • 5-spring format enables you to configure up to 46 resistances. Your choice of spring weights. Standard configuration for CenterLine Reformer: 1 blue (light), 2 red (medium), 2 green (heavy). More about Balanced Body® Signature Springs.
  • Two positions
  • Loosely hinged for swift transitions between exercises
  • Padded non-slip cover
Also included:
  • CenterLineâ„¢ Sitting Box with handles on all four sides and extra padding: (26″ L x 14″ W x 9-1/2″ T)
  • Foot strap
  • Extender straps, for exercises like Long Spine.
  • Gondola pole, 60″ (152cm)
  • Short box dowel, 27″ (69cm) short box pole
  • Two kneeling pads
  • Height: 14″ (36cm).
  • Length: 89.5″ (227cm)
  • Width: 25.5″ (65cm)
Do your more petite clients struggle with semi-circle because of the tracks in recent Centerline Reformers?

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