Perform much of the Cadillac repertoire with the space-saving and economical CenterLine® Pole System, a variation of the Wall Tower. Note: This unit must be mounted to the wall and floor for proper installation.

Available separately, or with a Mat & Moon Box package. Purchase Pole System together with Mat & Moon Box package and save $250.

10 year warranty.

Buy CenterLine Pole System

Pole System includes:
  • Push-Through Bar, maple, four-sided.
  • Roll-Down Bar, maple, non-swiveling with outside hooks.
  • Balanced Body Signature Springs, package of 8. Regular: 1 red, 1 green, 2 blue and 2 gray. Long: 2 red.
  • Loops/handles: single D-ring cotton loops (1 pair)
  • Safety Strap with carabiner.
  • Specifications: H: 89″ (226cm), W: 27″ (69cm), D: 20″ (51cm).
Mat and Moon Box Package for Pole System includes:
  • Padded/upholstered raised mat with dowel handles. H: 6″ (15cm), W: 22.5″ (57cm), L: 84″ (213cm).
  • Two Moon Boxes, padded/upholstered. H: 6″ (15cm), W: 9″ (30cm), L: 14″ (36cm).
  • Weighted metal roll-up bar, 3.8 lb (1.7kg).
  • Foot Strap (24″ / 61cm).
  • Upholstery: Your choice of 9 standard colors.