Nation’s Overall Health in Decline

No kidding . . .
  • Premature deaths (passing before the age of 75) have risen 5% since 2015
  • Drug-related deaths have increased by 7%
  • Cardiovascular deaths have risen by 5%

The United States is 27th out of the 35 participating countries in the study by the United Health Foundations. Colorado, where The Pilates Center is located, is still in the top 10 of America’s healthiest states in the union, but it’s not the top one as most Boulderites have been lead to believe. The measuring categories of the study make a difference in these standings. Link to blog and study.

Did you know that the number one goal of most Americans is to “get healthier” and to “eat better?

We can always strive for improvement and, eating better means consuming more organic, non-GMO food – fruits, vegetables, and protein as well as concentrated, nutrition-dense superfoods. It means striving to keep our guts clean and healthy to enable them to absorb nutrition properly, which increases strengthening of our immunities, increased vitality, weight stabilization and so much more.

“ Get healthier” doesn’t mean just increasing the quality of our nutrition – it also means moving more, moving well, moving more often, and moving toward lasting lifestyle changes. One move at a time!

We have your “Go To” solution at TPC and, here’s a word from Joe written over 70 years ago relating to diet.


“The most important point to remember with regard to diet is to eat only enough food to restore the fuel consumed by the body, and to keep enough of it on hand at all times to furnish the extra energy required on occasions beyond our normal needs, and to meet unexpected emergencies.” Joseph Pilates


The Pilates Center’s on line Purium store provides pure, nutritionally-dense, organic, non-GMO foods and programs as a natural partner with your Pilates practice to increasing your profound health, from the inside out.

Bundled Purium packages (nutritional packages targeting your specific needs and goals) will jumpstart your health this year and fuel good habits.

You can’t go wrong with any of the packages, but we recommend the following:


  • 40-DAY NUTRITION PROGRAM. This ideal for those that want to clean, clear, and super charge their bodies for the year ahead. The 40-Day includes a 10-Day cleanse and basic nutrition moving forward.
  • CORE 4. For ongoing health support – this has the fruit, vegetables, and protein needed in the superfood world that will far exceed what is available to the body from basic meals alone.
  • The BIOME MEDIC included in both programs!


This is the first product on the market that actually works to clear the gut daily from the onslaught of glyphosates and other pesticides that have been found to drastically compromise our health and immune systems. What could be better!


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