Join Us for Our Winter Workshop Pilates Series

As we kick off the new year, we couldn’t be more excited to tell you about our returning Sunday Pilates Series beginning on January 22nd. In this special Winter Workshop Series, we’ll be exploring the concept of “What is Uniform Development and How Do We Achieve It?”

When speaking about Pilates in his book Return to Life, Joseph Pilates said, “our interpretation of physical fitness is the attainment and maintenance of a uniformly developed body, and we must devote ourselves to the uniform development of our bodies as a whole.”

Thinking about this concept leads us to ask, “What did he mean when he said this, and what does Uniform Development mean—to us, to our peers, and to our clients?” What we know is the path and the outcome to Uniform Development may not be the same for each of us and that Uniform Development, or the lack of it, has an effect on whole-body health. So how does the Pilates method achieve whole-body organization, and are we focused on this outcome? Additionally, what does Uniform Development of our bodies as a whole include? 

We will be exploring this concept and discussing all of these questions in our Winter Workshop Series led by Amy Taylor Alpers, Rachel Taylor Segel, Kelli Burkhalter Hutchins, and Kaile Ziemba on January 22nd, January 29th, February 5th, and February 12th. These 2-hour workshops will take place over four successive Sunday mornings from 9-11 a.m. MST.

All workshops will take place both in person at The Pilates Center and via Zoom.* And whether you decide to attend in person or via Zoom, each workshop will be recorded and all attendees will have access to the recordings for thirty days through iTPC, our online Pilates Education platform. The cost for each individual workshop is $100, and the cost for all four workshops is $375. To find out more information about the workshops, you can contact Kelli at or Pace at

Together, we will dive into the true meaning behind Joseph Pilates’ definition of physical fitness. The workshops are as follows:

  • Jan. 22nd: “Uniform Development”—What Does It Mean & How Do We Teach It? 

Amy Taylor Alpers will be speaking about what “Uniform Development” means and why Joseph Pilates described it as the definition of physical fitness and whole-body health. Amy will explore how the path and outcome to Uniform Development may not be the same for each of us, but we can apply it uniquely and see it as a fundamental guiding principle to strengthen our Pilates understanding and teaching. And what sets The Pilates Center apart from other programs is this commitment to teaching. 

  • Jan. 29th: The Effects of an Imbalanced Pelvis

Kelli Burkhalter Hutchins will explore different structural and muscular imbalances in the pelvis to demonstrate how they can affect whole-body movement. She’ll talk about the reality that most clients tend to favor one side of the pelvis, which can affect the opposite side, causing deep imbalances from the feet up through the spine. Kelli will discuss how to better flex, extend, twist, and side-bend with these imbalances in mind.

  • Feb. 5th: Understanding Imbalances Enroute to Uniform Development 

Kaile Ziemba will look into how Pilates teachers can help clients better understand their own bodies and ultimately achieve Uniform Development. She’ll talk about how the true, fundamental underlying intention as teachers should be helping clients understand their unique movement habits and patterns and how to coordinate their whole body, as performing choreography better is the result of whole body health.

  • Feb. 12th: Throats that Sing! Balancing the Neck Muscles

Rachel Taylor Segel will discuss how we can work to fix imbalanced, ill-used, stiff, and weak neck muscles in order to restore the neck to its proper orchestration. The right Pilates exercises, made more powerful and productive, can help to create necks that are strong, supple, articulate, and act as a conduit from the brain to the rest of the body—delivering oxygen to our lungs and nutrition to our stomachs.

In addition to the Winter Workshop Series, The Pilates Center will be participating in the 6th Annual Workshop Series, Muscles Move Me, at Blue Sage Pilates in Bradenton, FL, from Feb. 16-18th. The workshop schedule is as follows:

  • Feb. 16th: Let’s Mobilize with Kaile Ziemba
  • Feb. 17th: Twisting Your Asymmetry with Kelli Hutchins
  • Feb. 18th: Getting More Out of the Equipment with Rachel Taylor Segel

Find out more workshop details, including workshop times and costs, at this link here.

*The only workshop that will not take place in person at The Pilates Center in Boulder, CO, is The Effects of an Imbalanced Pelvis, led by Kelli Burkhalter Hutchins. This workshop can be done in person if you’re located in or around College Station, Texas.

As we look forward to the year ahead The Pilates Center has updated pricing for our drop-in classes, lessons and packages. Be sure to click here for more information on our 2023 prices.

About The Pilates Center

The Pilates Center was founded in Boulder in 1990 by sisters Amy Taylor Alpers and Rachel Taylor Segel. The sisters trained under Romana Kryzanowska, Joseph Pilates’ protégé and inheritor of his NYC studio. Amy and Rachel have worked to foster the legacy and tradition of the original, classical method of Pilates while also incorporating a humanistic approach to meet every individual’s needs. For over 30 years, they have made it their mission to heal the world by empowering people to transform their health and Return to Life through Pilates.