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Joe’s Scribe


I’m not going to tell you who I am, because that might burst the bubble of fun that I hope this turns into!

From now on, each month you’ll find an article, by me, in honour of Joe, Clara and their amazing legacy: Pilates.

I will reveal that I’m a graduate of The Pilates Center, Boulder and that Pilates saved my life. Well, maybe that’s a little dramatic…Perhaps Pilates didn’t save my life, but it certainly took it, shook it and got a great deal of gunk out of it.

Here’s my first article, my story of how I got into Pilates. I’ve kept it real, raw and I’ve exposed myself to possible humiliation – but I figure it’s worth it, because maybe one day, someone in as dire a situation as I was back then will read it and be inspired to get on a reformer and allow themselves to be completely, well, reformed through the genius of Pilates.

I hope you enjoy!

Yours in health,

Joe’s Scribe

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