Intermediate Plus

Teacher Training Program

Requirements, Tuition, and Class Information

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Intermediate Plus Teacher Training Program

Entrance Requirements and Fees

  • Passing an Beginner/Intermediate (Level II) Performance on Reformer or Mat (Zoom or in-person)
  • Application and Program Evaluation Fees: $185

Program Schedule

The Pilates Center Intermediate Plus Teacher Training Program is twelve months long and may require a trip to Boulder, Colorado to complete their final exams or with a Licensed Teacher Trainer. Students are encouraged to visit The Pilates Center as often as possible. Students should expect to dedicate a minimum of 12 – 15 hours per week towards their mentorship requirements.


  • Intermediate Plus : $5075 + enrollment fees and lessons*
  • Books: $300 estimate

*Lesson costs can vary depending on a student’s location and studio access

Class Structure

Completion Requirement: 600  hours

  • Formal Lecture Series – 60
  • Mentorship Hours – 520
  • Exams Hours – 12
  • Other Program Requirements Hours – 8

Best experience of my life! I feel like I learned so much about pilates and the body as a whole. All of the teachers I worked with were helpful and took the time to support me through out my program. TPC felt like an inviting place and I felt comfortable asking for help.

—Danielle Maracic, Intermediate Plus Graduate

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The Intermediate Plus Teacher Training Program is 600 hours and is done in 12 months. Students can attend this program locally or long distance. Upon completing the program students will be proficient performing up to an Intermediate/Advanced level and teaching the intermediate level of classical Pilates repertoire on all pieces of equipment. It is our belief that you must be proficient with the full body of work to fully understand how it can enhance a client’s movement and health. Upon completion of all requirements of the program, participants receive an Intermediate Plus Teacher Training Certificate of Completion and meet eligibility requirements to take the PMA Certification Exam (this can be done through the Pilates Method Alliance). These students are eligible to apply for the Bridge Plus Training Program.


How to apply for the program:

Students can send in their application by downloading it off the website or filling it out directly on the website. Students are responsible for paying the application fee $105.00 USD and Program Evaluation fee $80.00 USD upon submission of the application. To be accepted into the Intermediate Plus Teacher Training Program students must pass a Level I-II performance on Reformer. This can be sent by video through the internet or DVD or completed with a TPC teacher. Students must complete the performance without being told what to do, knowing the order, repetitions, springs, equipment changes, and breath while moving from their core. The purpose of the evaluation is to ensure that the applicant is familiar with the order and exercises on a lower level. All students applying for the program must be injury free (recent injuries) and post-partum at least six months. The student can email a link to their Program Evaluation, YouTube has proven to be the easiest form to send over the internet. If there is a local LTT, the student can complete their Program Evaluation with that LTT for acceptance to the program. Once accepted into the program, students must pay the registration fee of $125 to begin the enrollment process. All fees can be paid online or by contacting the front desk at The Pilates Center. Students can begin the program at any time. Students will be contacted after the application is received by email or phone. Once the Program Evaluation is reviewed and the student passes, the student will receive an email accepting them into the program. The email will have documents that are sent to the student. The Payment Options and Plan, and 6 Enrollment Agreements are included in the documentation. Students must return to TPC by email (preferred) or mail the first and last page of all 6 Enrollment Agreements and Payment Options and Plan signed, and the first installment for the training program must be paid in advance to Orientation.

[lollum_list_element]Completion Reqs: 600 Program Hours[/lollum_list_element]
[lollum_list_element]Entrance Reqs: 17 hours of mixed Pilates Lessons[/lollum_list_element][lollum_list_element]12 Month program, to be started at any time[/lollum_list_element]


[lollum_price_table columns=”4″]

[lollum_price_item name=”Enrollment” currency=”$310″]

[lollum_price_item name=”Tuition” currency=”$3,875 + lessons”]

[lollum_price_item name=”Exams” currency=”$1200″]

[lollum_price_item name=”Materials” currency=”$300″]


Completion Requirements: Successful Completion of 600 program hours:

Orientation – 3.5 hours
Orientation can be done with the Director of Education, Advising Coordinator, or Host Advisor.
[lollum_list_element]New Student Orientation – 1.5 hours[/lollum_list_element]
[lollum_list_element]Case Study Orientation – 1 hour[/lollum_list_element][lollum_list_element]Advising Hours: Q&A – 1 hour[/lollum_list_element]

Formal Lectures – 60 hours
All students must attend the Formal Lecture Series (60 hrs) once during their program. The Formal Lecture Series: Weekends I – IV is offered twice a year at The Pilates Center. Students have the option to attend the lectures live at The Pilates Center (or a TPC Licensed Studio), or online through our online teacher training program, or students can complete a combination of live and online lectures. The lectures need to be taken in order.

Advisor Meetings – 4.5 hours
All students are assigned an Advisor at The Pilates Center. If a student is completing the program long distance, they can use a Host Advisor (if there is one located in their area) instead of a teacher located at TPC. Students are only assigned one Advisor during the program. These appointments are built into the program for Advisors to periodically watch the student teach practice clients and give feedback, and to check in with the students regarding their progress.
[lollum_list_element]First Advisor Meeting (teach a beginner) – 1.5 hours[/lollum_list_element]
[lollum_list_element]Second Advisor Meeting (teach Level I-II) – 1.5 hours[/lollum_list_element][lollum_list_element]Third Advisor Meeting (teach Level III) – 1.5 hours[/lollum_list_element]


Mentorship – 520 hours
Mentorship hours can be completed at or outside of The Pilates Center. If students are completing their mentorship hours outside of TPC, they must work with a TPC graduate, Host Advisor, and/or Licensed Teacher Trainer to complete the Observation and Lesson hours. This will ensure successful graduation from the program. If hours are completed outside of The Pilates Center, they may be required by their local studio to pay an additional fee to observe, practice teach, and complete their personal workouts on their equipment. All students are required to have student liability insurance.

[lollum_list_element]Practice Teaching – 150 hours[/lollum_list_element]
[lollum_list_element]Observation – 125 hours[/lollum_list_element][lollum_list_element]Lessons* – 100 hours[/lollum_list_element]
[lollum_list_element]Personal Workouts – 75 hours[/lollum_list_element][lollum_list_element]Case Study – 40 hours[/lollum_list_element][lollum_list_element]Miscellaneous – 16 hours[/lollum_list_element][lollum_list_element]Observed Teaching – 10 hours[/lollum_list_element][lollum_list_element]Teaching Clinic* – 4 hours[/lollum_list_element]
(*Lessons and Teaching Clinic not included in the cost of the program.)

Exams – 12 hours
[lollum_list_element]Written Exam 1 – 2 hours[/lollum_list_element]
[lollum_list_element]Written Exam 2 – 2 hours[/lollum_list_element][lollum_list_element]Int Practice Performance Level III – 2 hours[/lollum_list_element]
[lollum_list_element]Int Practice Practical Level III – 2 hours[/lollum_list_element][lollum_list_element]Intermediate Practical (Reformer & Mat Level III) – 2 hours[/lollum_list_element]
[lollum_list_element]Intermediate Performance (Reformer Level IV) – 2 hours[/lollum_list_element]

(refer to final Performance under Exams)

Tuition and Fees due:

Enrollment Fees: $310 All Non-refundable 

[lollum_list_element]Application Fee – $105[/lollum_list_element]
[lollum_list_element]Program Evaluation Fee – $80[/lollum_list_element][lollum_list_element]Int Practice Performance Registration Fee – $125[/lollum_list_element]

Tuition: Education $3,875 (includes Formal Lectures and Mentorship)

Lessons & Teaching Clinics ** Price varies

Exams: Total $1200

[lollum_list_element]Written Exam 1 – $105[/lollum_list_element]
[lollum_list_element]Written Exam 2 – $100[/lollum_list_element][lollum_list_element]Practice Practical – $200[/lollum_list_element][lollum_list_element]Practice Performance – $200[/lollum_list_element][lollum_list_element]Practical – $400[/lollum_list_element][lollum_list_element]Performance – $200[/lollum_list_element]

Books/Supplies: $300 *estimate

Total Program Costs: $5,685 + lessons/teaching clinics and text books

To apply, please click below to pay for application ($105) and program evaluation ($80) fees. After processing payment, the system will take you to the application form: