Hear from a Master’s Program Graduate

We love getting the opportunity to hear from our TPC graduates no matter what program they’re taking, as we have different teacher training programs they can choose from. 

Our Master’s Program is a flexible and individually tailored program for Pilates instructors who want to continue their professional development as well as dive deeper in advancing their skills and evolving their teaching practices. For this particular program, students have up to three years to complete 116 hours of advanced course work and optional internship hours, at which time they receive The Pilates Center Master’s Program Certificate of Completion. 

In our Master’s Program, students also get the opportunity to complete an Exit Essay and we love getting the chance to read these essays because we get to hear students express everything that they’ve learned from their experience in the program. Wendy Tarantino is a recent Master’s Program graduate, and she was kind enough to share her full experience with us about the Master’s Program. Here is what she shared in her essay: 

“My experience in The Pilates Center’s Master’s Program has steered me back to my

original reason for practicing Pilates and my love of teaching the method for the past three

years. This process led me to seek out a classical studio and work with other classically trained teachers—a couple of them were trained at the Pilates Center. It has also caused some soul-searching teaching at a contemporary studio. When I teach private clients and beginner to intermediate classes, I stay with the classical repertoire as closely as possible. I know in my heart the way forward for me and my clients is grounding in the classical method.

Through the lectures from Amy and Rachel and the emphasis on returning the body to

its natural state, I’m working on using my eyes to see the body and the link system. I loved Kelli’s lecture, ‘The Effects of an Imbalanced Pelvis,’ and when she referenced how she looks at the body like a puzzle to figure out—I’m similar in that regard. Another key takeaway for me was being a movement teacher versus diagnosis. Obviously, I do know it is not in my scope to diagnose someone. If someone has something that is contraindicated, say vertigo, you’ll have to adjust with your program for them to get them back to uniform development. I was happy to hear from Amy and Rachel about trusting the method and the work. Additionally, if you do stumble across a complicated client, it’s great to have a community of Pilates teachers to seek advice from who can help steer you. This program gave me insight as to how other instructors tackle intricate nuances with their clients, and Amy went in depth with the smaller details. I feel like I’ve become a better movement instructor and have more in my toolkit now.

Speaking of a toolkit, learning how to integrate the other add-on equipment and knowing why we use one piece over the other for better results was amazing. We predominantly use the

reformers at the studio even though we have the other apparatus, and my personal favorite is the low chair. During this training, I put together a personal chart of exercises that could be done on multiple pieces of equipment.

When I started Pilates twenty-plus years ago in Connecticut with classically trained

teachers, I fell in love with Pilates and never looked back. I knew that in searching for a Master’s Program, I wanted to go back to my foundation. Through this journey, I’ve discovered that my home and happiness are in carrying the traditional work forward. I’ve sought out classically trained instructors and will continue to, and I will use what I’ve learned to the best of my abilities. And I’m hoping someday I will be able to meet Amy and Rachel in person, and I also hope to be in one of Kelli’s chair classes soon. You ladies are amazing.”

For more information on the different teacher training programs that we offer, contact Kelli Burkhalter Hutchins, Director of Education at The Pilates Center, at kelli@thepilatecenter.com.

About The Pilates Center

The Pilates Center was founded in Boulder in 1990 by sisters Amy Taylor Alpers and Rachel Taylor Segel. The sisters trained under Romana Kryzanowska, Joseph Pilates’ protégé, and inheritor of his NYC studio. Amy and Rachel have worked to foster the legacy and tradition of the original, classical method of Pilates while also incorporating a humanistic approach to meet every individual’s needs. For over 30 years, they have made it their mission to heal the world by empowering people to transform their health and Return to Life through Pilates.