ZOOM Workshop Series: The Footbone is Connected to the Knee Bone…

This Zoom* series consists of four 3-hour workshops on consecutive Sundays from 9am – noon. You can take one or more individually or purchase the entire package at a discount. Live attendance options available, please contact pace@thepilatescenter.com to sign up in-studio. Each workshop is taught by a different TPC teacher, all of whom have exceptional years of experience teaching both clients and teachers, and each of whom bring their own unique and exceptional gifts and perspectives to their teaching. Over the 4 weeks, this series will progress through the body, starting with the feet and continuing all the way up to the neck and head. Building up from the foundation/roots to the upper extremities and above reveals the elegant and natural wisdom of the body and enables participants to truly understand the powerful and essential connectivity of all the parts of the human body. Don’t miss this deep dive into the many ways in which Pilates can help organize and heal the body, thereby “returning it to life.” *Live attendance options available for certain workshops. The November 5th workshop is in College Station, Texas. Contact Kelli@thepilatescenter.com if you are interested in attending in person. Each workshop individually is $150. For all 4 workshops the cost is $575.

*Live attendance optional

POOR FEET/Return them to Life with Rachel Segel

Our poor neglected and abused feet /: Too “bad” of shoes squash them and hold them hostage. Too “good” of shoes try to replace them. Too many smooth, flat surfaces ignore their many capabilities and tighten them into something barely useful. Too much sitting replaces their multiple purposes with calves and quads rendering them obsolete.

Imagine a world where feet could gloriously resume their 5,000,000,000-year-old role of trusted, valuable propellers, balancers, trampoline-like weight bearers and shock absorbers. Imagine a world where the rest of the body could return to doing what it is best at because of those valuable feet = happiness and peace!

This workshop explores our human feet through Pilates exercises and philosophy – how to build strong, resilient, ambassador – like partners that can fully direct our body with surety and finesse and can hold us in place to withstand the difficulties of life. We’ll use the Toe Corrector, the Foot Corrector, the Towel, as well as see how every Pilates exercise and piece of apparatus can be a foot exercise and in being so, becomes a full-body exercise.

The Knee Bone’s Connected to the Hip Bone with Amy Alpers

It’s true – they are very connected to each other. It’s hard to isolate their jobs, or their muscles. And the timing of the pattern of muscle/bone movements is often extremely challenged because of our lifestyle. The constant sitting down and standing up from a chair that we do today, can readily set up a poor timing sequence in these joints. The knee and hip are naturally designed better to fold into and out of a squat instead of a chair.

In this 3-hour workshop we will look at how the knee and hip are tied together, and both vulnerable to injury and chronic wear and tear – witness the vast number of replacements we see. Let’s remind our clients of the healthy, natural design of these joints and help them live a stronger, more powerful life.

Lets Get Your Back Into It! with Kelli Hutchins

In Pilates, we focus on the abdominals so much but forget about how important the back is to support good abdominal strength. In fact, learning how to utilize your back and check will automatically allow your abdominals to work more efficiently. In this 3-hour workshops we will explore how to use our chest and backs to give us the support we need to better find strength in our abdominals. Of course, breathing is a big part of it. We will look at a few different bodies on a few different apparatuses and explore how this benefits them for better uniform development and strength.

Shoulder Junction What’s Your Function with Kaile Ziemba

The Shoulder Joint is the most moveable joint in the human body, right? This creates a lot of mystery and confusion about how to move. Should we stabilize? Should we mobilize? Yes, to both and Pilates is always the answer! In this workshop we will learn easy to apply, movement patterns that automatically provide consistent, reliable organization to the upper body. We will explore the movement and strength connection of the shoulders, chest and upper back and their contribution to the health of our spine (particularly the neck). Imagine a world where you could embrace your loved ones, cartwheel, scale mountains and more without concern or hesitation.


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Apr 22 2024


$575 for all 4 Workshops, $150 per Workshops
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