Your Second “Heart” with Amy Taylor Alpers

Your Second “Heart” with Amy Taylor Alpers

We are all familiar with how our heart plays the essential role in that job. However, do you know you have a “second heart” too? Often, this second heart is not used as well as it needs to be and becomes the missing link in our vital health. This second heart is the powerful contraction of …. your calves and feet!

The pumping action of the heart delivers oxygen-rich blood to cells via arteries. After cells have been nourished, the blood is returned to the heart through the veins to be re-oxygenated in the lungs. The residual pumping force of the heart helps propel the blood back through the veins – but here’s where that missing link might be. The contraction of the muscles of the calves and feet need to powerfully aid in this uphill trip. This calf/foot pumping system is what is often referred to as the “second heart”.

In this workshop we will explore how our modern life-style – especially sitting in the chair – leads to a reduction in the ability of the second heart to help with circulation. Add to that the prevalence of hyperextension of the knees which essentially cuts the leg off at the middle, and now our calves are nearly off the circulation map entirely.
Then we will discover the many ways in which Pilates is specifically designed to keep the calves and feet – this key part of our ultimate health mechanism – strong, flexible and connected.

Beginners through Advanced clients and teachers are welcome.

Join us in person ($290) or via Zoom ($217.50) on Saturday, March 6, 10am – 5pm EST
Receive 6 NPCP CEC’s for attending this workshop.

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Jun 20 2024


10:00 AM - 05:00 PM


$290 (Live) or $217.50 (Via Zoom)
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