Winter in Florida-Healing Movement Workshops

January 16, 2019
Kaile Ziemba

Above All Learn How to Breath Correctly

-Joseph H. Pilates

This quote by Joe Pilates illustrates how important breathing is to the Pilates Method.  Mr. Pilates designed his specific exercises to help us breathe better.  As practitioners we are told to inhale and exhale amongst myriad other cues.  As teachers we learn the importance of breathing and we are taught when to inhale/exhale during each exercise, so we can teach our clients.  In this workshop we will review the “breath choreography” and learn ways to assess for ourselves if we are actually improving our breath capacity with each Pilates exercise.  This is a movement-based workshop designed for everyone.  Beginners through Advanced clients and teachers are welcome.

January 17, 2019
Kelli Burkhalter Hutchins

Finding Uniform Development using the Pilates Method

We all have different bodies. Often times we practice whatever we choose to do for fitness and health without understanding if the body is “fitting” the equipment or overworking different parts of the body. Often times we keep whatever is strong, strong; whatever is flexible, flexible; and whatever is tight or weak, tight or weak. How can we maximize a client’s results while practicing Pilates? We will look at individual bodies and determine what we as a group may think the body will need in order to maximize their Pilates practice and build strength while practicing Pilates. Do we modify and exercise? Do we use pads to get the body to work different muscles? How can we get the best results while practicing Pilates?

January 18, 2019
Rachel Taylor Segel

Moments within the Movements: “Carrying on the Tradition of Classical Pilates”

Informed by the tradition and values of the Pilates method, this workshop begins with the most challenging, advanced exercises and traces them backwards through successively less difficult versions.  Recognizing and breaking down more Advanced exercises into movement skills and combinations of skills, gives us a deeper understanding of the Fundamental, Beginner and Intermediate levels so that we prepare clients from the first lesson for the most advanced work.   In this workshop we will learn how to invigorate our teaching by reaching for and achieving new levels in our own Pilates practice. We will sharpen our eye as a Pilates teacher to progress our clients. We will assess the movement patterns we see and learn how to use the Pilates Method to correct faulty movement patterns.  Rachel will help us understand why all of these exercises, from beginning to advanced, are important for us to do and how they can return us all to life!

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