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Don’t Stop! The Value of Transitions
Rachel Taylor Segel

When Joe Pilates wrote about the valuable results inherent in his method, he described “the internal shower” with poetic power as the extremely important increasing of one’s circulation. He believed that the practitioner needed to build heat in the body in order to achieve the results that he knew Contrology could bestow – not only with his exercise movements but with the fluid continuity of the in-between transitions.
This workshop will explain in detail the transitions between the Mat and Reformer exercises and their value in our workout results and our daily life. We will discuss the multiple benefits of transitions between exercises; how transitions increase the heart’s strength and the body’s detoxifying capabilities, as Joe said to “carry better blood to feed every fiber and tissue of your body…so that the blood will flow with renewed vigor…and discharge more and more of the accumulated debris”; how transitions increase our mental acuity by “awaken(ing) thousands and thousands of dormant brain cells, thus activating new areas and stimulating further the functioning of the mind.” And much more…

Moments within Movements
Rachel Taylor Segel

This workshop begins with the most challenging, advanced exercises and traces them backward through successively less difficult versions. Recognizing and breaking down more advanced exercises into combinations of less difficult exercises/movement skills, gives us a deeper understanding of the fundamental, beginner and intermediate levels so that we prepare clients from the first lesson for the most advanced work.

“Above All Learn How to Breathe Correctly”- Joseph H. Pilates
Kaile Ziemba

This quote by Joe Pilates illustrates how important breathing is to the Pilates Method. Mr. Pilates designed his specific exercises to help us breathe better. As practitioners we are told to inhale and exhale among myriad other cues. As teachers we learn the importance of breathing and we are taught when to inhale/exhale during each exercise, so we can teach our clients. In this workshop we will review the “breath choreography” and learn ways to assess for ourselves if we are actually improving our breath capacity with each Pilates exercise. This is a movement-based workshop designed for everyone.
Beginners through Advanced clients and teachers are welcome.

Teacher Bios

Rachel Taylor Segel was born in Youngstown, Ohio. She began classical ballet in her childhood, studied dance in college, danced professionally and later taught ballet.
Rachel received a B.F.A. from the University of Colorado, and B.A. in Dance from Loretto Heights College in Denver, CO. She danced professionally with the David Taylor Dance Theatre, and Brent Mason and Company. In addition, she taught ballet and was director of the dance department at the Arvada Center for the Performing Arts. In 1987, Rachel moved to New York City and began teaching ballet at The Alvin Ailey School.
Both Rachel and her sister Amy studied Pilates under the direct tutelage of Romana Kryzanowska at the Pilates Studio. They received their Pilates teaching certificate in July of 1989.  In 1990, after moving to Boulder, Colorado, Amy and Rachel opened The Pilates Center.  The sisters established The Pilates Center Teacher Training in 1991.  The sisters co-authored The Everything Pilates Book, are active in the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) and assisted in creating the PMA’s certification exam. Rachel is currently a member of the PMA Certification Commission.
After two years of research and development with Balanced Body, Rachel and Amy have created  the Centerline Pilates Reformer, Cadillac, and Low Chair.

Kaile Larson Ziemba received her B.F.A. in Dance from the University of Colorado. She began studying the Pilates method in 1997 and quickly became hooked.
Kaile earned her Certificate of Completion from The Pilates Center Teacher Training Program in 2004 and The Master’s Program in 2008.  She has been a Licensed Teacher Trainer at The Pilates Center since 2010.  She is a working mom with two young boys.  Kaile’s high energy and enthusiasm makes her one of the most requested teachers and teacher trainers at The Pilates Center.  Movement is what feeds her soul; movement that heals is her passion.
Kaile is a former professional dancer and aerialist.  Currently she enjoys rock climbing, skiing, hiking and cycling.  Through Pilates Kaile feels more empowered, stronger and more flexible and is able to approach life and movement with more confidence.

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Number of Hours Education:           15
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Workshop Participation Fee:   850CAD for all 3
495CAD for each of Rachel’s
225CAD for Kaile’s

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