The Pilates System: A Comprehensive Approach to the Advanced Exercises

Join Deborah Matthews and Mischa Decker to explore the Pilates system in community – live, in person, and within a professional Pilates studio setting. Each weekend includes movement, discussion and, practice. The workshops are comprehensive and cover exercises on the Reformer, Cadillac, Low Chair, Barrels, Mat, and other Pilates apparatus. The series is offered to both Pilates enthusiasts and instructors wanting to deepen their understanding and practice of the Pilates system. It can also serve as a compliment for students enrolled in an online teacher training program craving live interaction and practice. The trainings include a traditional approach to the Pilates system while developing the critical thinking skills to think outside the box.  Grounded in classical Pilates, each weekend is inspired by the knowledge and care of master teachers with over 35 years of experience in working with a wide variety of students that include all ages, sizes, and fitness levels. With their extensive movement backgrounds and trainings, Deborah and Mischa’s teaching is inspiring, refreshing and fun!

Friday 4:00pm- 7:00pm
Sat 12:00pm- 7:00pm
Sunday 9:00am-4:00pm

Teacher Bio

Master Teacher, Deborah Matthews, founded InsideOut Body Therapies in 2003 and is a highly sought after Third Generation Pilates Teacher. She initially trained at The Pilates Center of Boulder (TPC) whose owners, Amy Alpers and Rachel Segel, studied with Pilates Elder Romana Kryzanowska, a long-time student of Joseph Pilates. She completed her initial Pilates training in 1999 and the TPC Master’s Program in 2008. She has also completed The Heritage Training® with Kathleen Stanford Grant lineage holder, Cara Reeser. Deborah’s teaching is strongly informed by her work with Hubert Godard, Dean of Dance and Movement Analysis at the University of Paris and Rolf® Movement Instructor at The Rolf Institute®.  Before moving to Durham, Deborah lived in Colorado. She studied and worked at TPC, managed and taught GYROTONIC® at White Cloud Boulder, and was the Senior Teacher for Cara Reeser at Pilates Aligned in Denver. Deborah offers a classical, yet highly innovative approach to Pilates, with a deep understanding of the damaged body in need of rehabilitation and the everyday body in need of strength and flexibility. Her teaching is influenced by her ongoing study of therapeutic Pilates, Rolf® movement, yoga, fine arts, and the process of her own rehabilitation from many challenging physical issues,
including a kidney transplant.  Deborah currently serves on the Faculty of The Pilates Center.  She is the Director of the InsideOut Body Therapies Pilates Teacher Training, which is officially licensed from TPC. She is also member of the Pilates Method Alliance® and a PMA® Certified Pilates Instructor.  Deborah is a graduate of The Heritage Training.

Mischa Decker, PT, DPT, PMA-CPT, co-owner of InsideOut Body Therapies, holds a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the Duke University School of Medicine and a BS in Exercise and Sport Sciences from the University of Florida. Mischa is a PMA® Certified Pilates Instructor and trained at The Pilates Center (TPC) of Boulder whose owners, Amy Alpers and Rachel Segel, studied with Pilates Elder Romana Kryzanowska, a long-time student of Joseph Pilates. She is a graduate of The Pilates Center’s Master’s Program and has been a Licensed Teacher Trainer for TPC since 2007. After witnessing the effectiveness of Pilates in rehabilitating injuries during her dance career, Mischa knew she wanted to utilize the Pilates system to help others heal through movement. Mischa developed the Pilates-Based Physical Therapy Program (PBPT) at InsideOut Body Therapies in 2006 and is currently the Director of the Pilates-based PhysicalTherapy program at IOBT. PBPT is a client-centered approach to
healing grounded in the moving body that assesses and treats the whole person — not just an injury or symptom — through Pilates exercises and traditional physical therapy methods. Now it seems impossible for her to separate Pilates from PT as both play a major role in how she facilitates a positive movement experience with her clients. She has presented in North Carolina and across the country and her passion for health, movement and healing is felt by everyone she meets! She presented a poster, “ALS and Pilatesbased Physical Therapy: A Case Study” at the Pilates Method Alliance this year and was a Finalist in the Next Pilates Anytime Teacher Contest in 2017 and 2018. When not teaching or practicing Pilates or presenting, Mischa loves traveling, exploring Durham, being outside and exercising with her husband and two awesome children.

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InsideOut Body Therapies

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