The Lymphatic System and Pilates


The lymphatic system is how your body gets rid of waste products and Pilates is especially well designed to stimulate it.  In this workshop, we’ll learn more about how the lymphatic system works, where lymph nodes are located and how to stimulate them, the best way to body brush and how to face brush, what types of movement encourage fluids to flow, specific Pilates exercises that move lymph, and why the Pilates order especially on the reformer is so excellent at moving lymph.  For this workshop, you’ll need a brand new toothbrush, a body brush if you have one, and comfortable clothing to move in.  You’ll also receive additional resources to help you support your lymphatic system.  Includes access to the recording for one month.

Worth 3 CECs for Nationally Certified Pilates Teachers

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Hourly Schedule

1:00PM - 4:00PM
The Lymphatic System and Pilates
taught by Sophia Briegleb


May 24 2024


01:00 PM - 04:00 PM


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