The Lost Treasures – Revisited

The material in this workshop is taken wholly from archival film footage and photography of Joseph Pilates teaching in the early 1940s. The subtle alterations and variations in form and choreography provide valuable “new” insights into the purpose and goal of some of the exercises.  Slight tweaks to the designs of many of the extant exercises powerfully reveal and clarify his intention, and thereby, help the practitioner better focus on the intended objective. Rhythm and dynamic emphasis are accentuated, and consequently, muscle power is heightened. In addition to the variations on exercises with which we are already somewhat familiar, several entirely “new” archival exercises – ones we had never seen before – will be learned.  All the material in this workshop is user-friendly, so it can be given to clients, and, most important, it’s fun and exciting to try them all on. Don’t miss this great opportunity to expand your knowledge and understand your history.

The Schedule

Wed 9/19/2018 1-7 pm Amy – Archival Reformer

Thurs 9/20/2018 1-6:30 pm (1-4 pm Debora – Archival Cadillac 4:30-6:30pm Amy and Debora are teaching pole/reformer classes for conference attendees only)

Fri 9/21/2018 1-6:30 pm Kaile (1-4:30 pm Archival Chair 5-6:30 The Head Harness)

Sat 9/22/2018 12 pm-6 pm Kelli Archival Cadillac to Build Upper Body Power

Sat 9/22/2018 6:30-8:30 pm Movie (watch the archival video footage)

Sun 9/23/2018 9 am-3 pm Rachel Archival Cadillac and Archival Mat

The Teachers

Amy Taylor Alpers, Deborah Kolwey, Kaile Ziemba, Kelli Hutchins, Rachel Taylor Segel

Full Conference Workshop Fee
$950   by April 30, 2018
$1000 by June 30, 2018
$1050 by July 31, 2018
$1150 after July 31, 2018

*workshops can also be attended/purchased individually


The event is finished.


May 20 2024


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