Silver Tsunami Workshop – Your “Second Heart” – And Possibly the Missing Link! with Amy

The “Silver Tsunami” isn’t just coming, it is here now. As more and more of our clients sing “When I’m 64”, we teachers might feel a little nervous about how much Pilates to teach them and at what tempo, which exercises worry us as contra-indicated and are they really, should they take class or privates, when is a modification needed and is it? …..  new ideas and inspiration – yes!…. old wisdom and full-body health – YES!

This series of workshops devoted to exploring and celebrating Age-ing and Pilates will truly inspire you to continue advancing your clients’ health and their capabilities, not only maintaining. We will see 70-year-olds who use the most advanced workouts to continue to transform. We will see 60-year-olds who have had multiple replacements and what modifications to their workouts help them to continually transform. There will be “case studies” to show how a mature client can negotiate the changes in their body while increasing the value of it. We’ll address the topic of determining what is healthy for a senior’s vertebrae, heart, lungs and how to improve their conditions.

Re-new your dedication to – and inspiration about – Pilates and the Baby Boomers!



October 9th  9-11AM MDT on ZOOM with Amy

The Pilates method is first and foremost about circulation – the “internal shower” of oxygen-rich blood flow required to “return to life” as Mr. Pilates intended his system of exercise to enable. We are all familiar with how our heart plays the essential role in that job. However, do you know you have a “second heart” too? Often, this second heart is not used as well as it needs to be and becomes the missing link in our vital health. This second heart is the powerful contraction of …. your calves and feet! As we age, this becomes even more essential.

The pumping action of the heart delivers oxygen-rich blood to cells via arteries. After cells have been nourished, the blood is returned to the heart through the veins to be re-oxygenated in the lungs. The residual pumping force of the heart helps propel the blood back through the veins – but here’s where that missing link might be. The contraction of the muscles of the calves and feet need to powerfully aid in this uphill trip. This calf/foot pumping system is what is often referred to as the “second heart”. Our modern life-style – especially the amount of cumulative sitting – leads to a reduction in the ability of the second heart to help with circulation. Add to that the prevalence of hyperextension of the knees which essentially cuts the leg off at the middle, and now our calves are nearly off the circulation map entirely. All of this gets further depleted by aging, when we need it the most. In this workshop we will discover the many ways in which Pilates is specifically designed to keep the calves and feet – this key part of our ultimate health mechanism – strong, flexible and connected.

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9:00AM - 11:00AM
Your "Second Heart" - And Possibly the Missing Link!
with Amy


Jul 18 2024


09:00 AM - 11:00 AM


$90 for 1 Workshop - $420 for all 5 Workshops
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