Pure Pilates Workshops with Kelli Burkhalter Hutchins


12100 North May Avenue, Oklahoma City, OK, USA

Northpark Mall


The Pelvis: Finding Its Place & Space
In this workshop we will deep dive into the structure and natural movement of the pelvis –and
how imbalances like a torsion or scoliosis affect the whole body. We will explore how the body
compensates in the pelvis and ribcage and how this can lead to back pain, and hip and knee
injuries. We will spend time looking at these patterns to recognize these imbalances. We will
discover how to address these issues in your teaching and educate our clients on how they can be
more present and proactive in their everyday movement. Learning how to realign your clients on
the equipment and mat can help prevent injury and enable better healing after an injury or
surgery. We will look at different exercises on all apparatus to explore these imbalances.
Saturday, April 1, 2023
2-5 pm
3 CECs

Take Your Power Back: Discovering Your Upper Body Power
We will explore Pilates exercises on the equipment to better understand the role of the upper body
and develop strength. We will look at some of the missing links that most of us have in our upper
bodies and how we can focus on increasing strength in these areas while practicing Pilates. Starting
your exercise sequence from these strengths will give a better connection to the whole body.
Viewing the Pilates Method through this lens will increase strength and get you closer to uniform
Sunday, April 2, 2023
9 – Noon
3 CECs


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$100 per hour
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