Pilates To Rescue Our Hands and Feet with Kaile Ziemba

The organization of our hands and feet is tantamount to our whole body health.  The connection of cognitive growth and agility to our hands and feet begins at birth and continues as we age.  The hands and feet are a large part of our motor and sensory system that accomplish our many tasks each day and enhance our proprioception.  Our hands and feet perform thousands of repetitions and walk thousands of steps each day.  If they are not well organized we are set up for stress, strain and complaints in other parts of our bodies.  Knees, hips, shoulders and necks are especially susceptible to pain and injuries if our hands and feet are imbalanced.  In this workshop we will explore the many ways Pilates can help!  Hands and feet are always the contact points that connect to the equipment and begin each exercise.  If our hands and feet are organized and balanced we receive more benefits from each Pilates exercise we do.  We will look at how better organization at these contact points balances the muscles of the hands and feet and increases strength up the link system of the arms and legs.  We will also learn some exercises specific to the hands and feet.  Come prepared to move and to leave feeling returned to life.

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May 24 2024

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