Optimize Your Shoulder Girdle with Rachel Taylor Segal

Optimize Your Shoulder Girdle with Rachel Taylor Segal

We can most swiftly and succinctly enable our clients to get the most out of each exercise and each workout when we can see joints articulating with balanced effort and in an orderly movement sequence.  This is especially true and vital with the shoulder joint and girdle as it affects so many other parts of the body – especially our breathing mechanism and spine!

By learning to facilitate even a small percentage of optimum movement in our client’s shoulder girdle – whether they are healthy, pregnant or postpartum, or even injured – we can help our clients relieve neck pain, shoulder cuff injuries, carpel tunnel syndrome, and more. Plus enhance and deepen their breathing! We’ll review and practice key Pilates exercises which access and strengthen the shoulder girdle in order to rehabilitate or to prepare for Level IV-V exercises, as well as learn some archival exercises created by Mr. Pilates to specifically balance and bring control and freedom to the shoulder girdle and the arm and hand.

Perfect for today’s clients who sit at computers and make small and tightly held hand movements while in less than optimum posture.

Great for Pilates teachers as well who spend all day bending over their clients and computer screens!

Beginners through Advanced clients and teachers are welcome. This workshop is PMA approved and a Mat Class is included so come prepared to move and practice all you learn!
Join us in person ($195) or via Zoom ($146.25) on Friday, March 5, 9am – 1pm EST

Receive 4 NPCP CEC’s for attending this workshop.


Mar 05, 2021


09:00 AM - 01:00 PM


$195 (Live) / $146.25 (Via Zoom)


Blue Sage Pilates
1720 Manatee Avenue West, Bradenton, FL 34205
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