Diving Deeper into the Pilates Matwork to keep it fresh with Amy

October 31st – Amy
Diving Deeper into the Pilates Matwork to keep it fresh.

Pilates teachers often ask, “How can I keep Mat class interesting for my clients and even, myself? It seems so repetitive.” We all know it’s basically the same set of exercises done in the same order over and over again, right? I mean, how many ways can there possibly be to speak it so that you don’t sound like a tape recording? Especially during this crazy period of lockdown and online teaching of clients who may have no equipment available to them.

Surprisingly, having been teaching Mat regularly for over 30 years, I can truly say, I have never felt that way. In my mind, there is so much depth to the material that it’s endlessly interesting, creative and empowering. And you don’t even need to break it down, make new exercises up, or add props and gimmicks to mix it up, stretch it out, or keep it from seeming boring. So let’s open up a discussion on the many ways you can potentially re-frame, re-vive, re-fresh your Pilates Mat classes. In this workshop we’ll look at the Mat series through an ever evolving kaleidoscopic lens of possibilities so it’s all new again each time you teach it.


Join Amy on October 31st from 9:00 – 11:00 a.m. MST for this Virtual workshop! The cost is $80, but if you want to join in for the entire 5 Week Series you can pay $375 for all 5 workshops.

October 3rd – Rachel: Inspire your mat teaching
October 10th – Debora: Four exercises in One
October 17th – Kelli:  Take Your Power Back – how to get better extension out of Mat work
October 24th – Kaile: Full range of motion and tempo
October 31st – Amy: Thematic ideas for teaching Mat


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Jul 23 2024


09:00 AM - 11:00 AM


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