Deconstructing the Advanced Pilates Work
$ 350
10:00 am to 04:00 pm
March 19, 2017

Advanced Pilates work is difficult to do and to teach. In this workshop, you will explore advanced work from a fresh perspective that involves moving back to what you intuitively and inherently know about basic Pilates work. By concentrating on the deconstruction of what you already know, your confidence and ability to teach advanced work will expand.

Students/practitioners of Pilates, as well as teachers, will enjoy this workshop. The method is like a big jigsaw puzzle and we are going to play with taking the pieces apart and putting them back together. We start with bite size pieces arrange and re-arrange until we have the full display. So satisfying!

Instructor Bio

Debora Robinson Kolwey began her movement studies in high school, with yoga, ballet, modern dance and theatre arts. She received her BFA in dance from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts and upon graduation pursued a career in modern dance, in NYC.

In 1982 Debora moved to Boulder Colorado to dance with The Nancy Spanier Dance Co. While teaching fitness at a local gym, she apprenticed with Stephan Frease to become trained in Pilates, and in 1985 opened a small studio in her home. She spent the next few years teaching privately and traveling to study with first generation teachers. Pivotal to her development was an apprenticeship with Eve Gentry. After Eve’s death, Michele Larsson and Debora created the first Core Dynamics workshops to carry on Eve’s legacy.

In 1991 Debora joined the teaching staff at The Pilates Center in Boulder, and in 1999 became a Licensed Teacher Trainer for The Pilates Center. Debora is devoted to teaching. She is inspired by this opportunity to explore, with all types of people, that which supports us in becoming more fully human and finding deeper satisfaction in this life. She is influenced from many sources, including a wide variety of movement and alternative healing systems, spiritual philosophies, and her long-time practice of contemplative meditation.

Debora is certified by Eve Gentry, the original Pilates Institute, The Pilates Center (1992), The PMA, and has most recently completed Eric Franklin’s Level I Educator training.

Sponsoring Studio:  CORE
Sponsoring Studio Website:  www.coreatl.com
Workshop City:           Atlanta
Workshop State:          Georgia
Workshop Country:    USA

Contact Name:             Son Ah Yun
Contact Phone:            404-814-2272
Contact Email:             sonahy@coreatl.com

Number of Hours Education:  6
Valid for: Teacher Training? YES
Hours Valid for: Master Program? YES
Hours Valid for: Continuing Education? YES
Hours Valid for: PMA? YES

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