Deciphering the Upper Body

The upper body is often a mystery.  At first glance, it appears we could call upon the organization of a four legged animal.  The structure of the upper body is similar to the pelvis/hips/legs, however the function and mobility is surprisingly different.    We all crawl in our early development but this ability gets lost on adult humans.   As vertical beings the mobility of our upper joints is confusing when we need to bear weight in Pilates, sports or daily activities.  In this workshop, we will analyze what faulty movement patterns lead to the imbalances of the shoulder girdle and the shoulder joints.   We will then look at how to use the Pilates Method to address these imbalances.

Instructor Bio

Kaile Larson Ziemba received her B.F.A. in Dance from the University of Colorado. She began studying the Pilates method in 1997 and quickly became hooked.

Kaile earned her Certificate of Completion from The Pilates Center Teacher Training Program in 2004 and The Master’s Program in 2008.  She has been a Licensed Teacher Trainer at The Pilates Center since 2010.  She is a working mom with two young boys.  Kaile’s high energy and enthusiasm makes her one of the most requested instructors and teacher trainers at The Pilates Center.  Movement is what feeds her soul; movement that heals is her passion.

Kaile is a former professional dancer and aerialist.  Currently she enjoys rock climbing, skiing, hiking and cycling.  Through Pilates Kaile feels more empowered, stronger and more flexible and is able to approach life and movement with more confidence.

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Apr 18 2024


02:00 PM - 06:00 PM


175 for this workshop - or - 320 for both workshops

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