Blue Sage Pilates Workshops with Kaile, Kelli, and Rachel


Thursday, February 16, 2023 

2:30pm – 5:30pm  $162.50

Let’s Mobilize with Kaile Ziemba

The human body is designed to move! And, move in many different directions. Often, when we see a hypermobile area in our clients our approach is to teach that client how to stabilize. This can be an effective approach, however, it is often reflective of another part of the body not moving when it should. In this movement based workshop we will flip our approach and explore refining how to move and mobilize the joints in our bodies that are stuck, stiff and immobile. This will bring a balance to the body as a whole and allow us to move with fluid ease and grace.



Friday, February 17, 2023 

9am – 12pm  $162.50

Twisting Your Asymmetry  – Kelli Hutchins

In this workshop we will explore structural and muscular imbalances in the pelvis and ribcage and how they affect twisting.

Sometimes we twist too much without using muscular support and instead allow flexibility to twist us rather than strength. We will look at how the body compensates in the pelvis and the ribcage and how that prevents us from getting a deep twist in the abdominals. We will discover new ways to observe clients who have asymmetrical pelvic patterns, learning how to address these imbalances in order to bring more awareness to our clients so they can be more present and proactive with their own movement awareness. When paying attention to how we twist, it can create better abdominal and spinal support to avoid injuries in the knees, spine, etc. We will look at different exercises on all apparatus to explore these imbalances.



Saturday, February 18, 2023 

10am – 5pm $325

Getting MORE out of the Equipment: More Muscles, Maximum Results – Rachel Taylor Segel

Joseph Pilates said many times that “I designed my equipment to be extra muscles” both to aid him as the teacher and to aid the client in receiving something from the exercise that they could not get otherwise.

In this workshop we will explore the purpose of the springs, straps, handles, etc. in the roles as “extra muscles”.  What exactly is their job in each exercise and if we let them do their job what do we, the client receive?  As teachers, how do we use these “extra muscles” to their full advantage so that our clients can achieve maximum results:  elongated core, connections, better breathing, more supple spine, uniform development?  The ramifications of this truth are powerful yet simple and will transform your teaching and personal practice!



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