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Friday September 27, 2019

Free Your Spine By Moving Like an Animal
workshop 3 – 5:30 pm *** class 5:45 – 6:45 pm

In Pilates we often focus on using the abdominals and the “center”. However, Mr. Pilates’ writings make it very clear that he wanted normal, natural, whole body movement- that we should move like the animal we are. In other words, our abdominals, in fact, any muscles,should not be arbitrarily and mechanically contracted and held, but rather should be naturally activated through the connection of our hands and feet, like an animal does. Our feet and hands constitute half of all our bones. Given that, the number of joints in each is also considerable – several dozen each at least – and therefore the number of muscles and nerves are proportionally greater as well. In other words, the strong connection from brain to hands and feet, and back again, is undeniable, and essential to our moving wisely and healthfully.
In this workshop we will explore the Pilates Mat exercises to find a more natural way of moving that connects hands and feet better to our brain and center. In this way, we don’t over-activate muscles so that the spine is free and breathing is enhanced and unimpeded –allowing you to move as the animal you are.

Saturday September 28, 2019

Unique skills of the Archival Mat
Saturday 10 – 13:00 am

Over the decades since Joseph Pilates’ death, some key skills have been lost in Pilates. These lost skills actually help us to truly understand the purpose of individual exercises as well as the entire method. The Archival Mat highlights these skills and brings them back to light. They’re fun, eye-opening, challenging and paradigm shifting.  Come explore them with us. It will change your teaching forever.

Get Past the Rules!
Saturday 2:00 – 5 pm

In Pilates, our mission is to help ‘uniformly develop’ the body – to bring it into ideal balance and alignment so it can move with ultimate efficiency and effectiveness. This doesn’t happen automatically simply by teaching clients how to do the exercises. It requires that the teacher be able to assess the unique body in front of them and then adapt the exercises in such a way that they will be truly effective for every body.  There are many rules in Pilates that we must learn. Only by understanding the reasons behind the rules can you use, and even change them to make the exercises more valuable for each unique person – including yourself. Amy will also teach ’hands-on’ skills to better assess the client’s needs, and partner them.

*As usual, we will have a small and fun party on Saturday evening*

Sunday September 29, 2019

Pilates Mat Class
Sunday 10 – 11:15 am

Increasing Reformer Flow with Transitions and Tensegrity
Sunday 11:30 – 5 pm

The Classical Pilates method has true wisdom in its healing approach. A key part of its healing power lies in the proven order, flow and progressions of the exercises. The system is a complete Tensegrity structure. Using these components intelligently are what re-integrate the body into a whole and enable it to move like a single organism again, i.e. bring it back into Tensegrity. Focusing on Reformer, we will explore the sequence of the exercises and the essential transitions that enable the continuous flow of movement. This systematic flow of exercises is a challenge to follow, but it deepens the Pilates workout, facilitating a greater balance and health of the entire being. Amy will also share extensively her ‘hands-on’ technique of communicating the deeper aspects of the Reformer work to her students.

Hosting Studio Information
InMo Medveten Träning, Brahegatan 42, Stockholm
*all prices Swedish kronor*
Friday Mini WS 800 == Class 300 == MiniWs and Class 900
Saturday and Sunday 4000 Swedish Kronor

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