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Accessing Your Psoas: Creating True Integrated Movement

  • Joseph Pilates designed every movement in his system to involve the ‘whole body,’ and to connect it in its entirety to and from its core/center/powerhouse. Do you move from your center in a truly organic, whole body, integrated way? Are you able to assess whether your clients can – and if not, why not? In this workshop we will utilize Pilates spinal and hip flexion and extension exercises to develop our visual assessment skills to determine whether movement is actually coming from ‘the center’ correctly and efficiently, and if not, how to correct it. The ultimate power and health potential that can be achieved through Pilates is only possible when this integrated connection is accessed as its inherent human design dictates.


Finding Your Center through your Feet and Hands

  • In Pilates we often focus a lot on the abdominals and the “center”, but Mr. Pilates’ writings make it very clear that his work is about normal, natural, whole body movement – that we should move like the animal we are. In other words, our abdominals should not need to be arbitrarily and mechanically contracted and held, but rather be automatically activated through normal, natural, full body movement. Given our innate design as an originally four-footed animal, this automatic access should naturally occur through the connection of our hands and feet.

Our feet and hands constitute half of all our bones. Given that, the number of joints in each is also considerable – several dozen at least – and therefore the number of muscles and nerves proportionally greater as well. This is a simple way to recognize the value and potential available in fully utilizing them. In other words, the strong connection from brain to hands and feet, and back again, is undeniably essential to our survival and to our health.

In this workshop we will explore the Pilates exercises through the perspective of hands and feet better connecting to our brain and center, to learn how to achieve the fullest potential of the movements to create whole body health. Watching film of a cheetah running, we will discover how the feet/hands trigger the appropriate action of all other muscles to enable the most efficient, effective movement possible. In this way, breathing is enhanced and unimpeded, and movement more powerfully cleanses and re-oxygenates the body.


Sponsoring Studio:                  The Pilates Movement Studio
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Workshop City:                         Austin
Workshop State:                      Texas
Workshop Country:                  USA

Contact Name:     Kelli Burkhalter Hutchins
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Number of Hours Education: 4 per day, or 8 total
Valid for: Teacher Training? YES

Hours Valid for: Master Program? YES

Hours Valid for: Continuing Education? YES

Hours Valid for: PMA? YES

Workshop Participation Fee:  $200 per day, or $400 for the whole weekend


Oct 01, 2020 - Oct 04, 2020


All of the day




The Pilates Movement Studio
3300 Bee Caves Rd Suite 745, Austin, TX 78746


Kelli Burkhalter Hutchins
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