4 Exercises in 1: Seamless classes at Any Level with Debora

Inspire and Energize Your Equipment Work

We at The Pilates Center were talking about what Pilates teachers and clients want and need most at this challenging time. Knowing that most of you are doing a lot of teaching online, we knew that doing and teaching inspired and energized lessons is key.

Sooo, we came up with a series of 2-hour workshops focusing on just that! Each workshop will present ideas to help you be creative and keep yourself and your clients inspired and progressing, healthy and happy. Each workshop will let you practice and feel the results for yourself.  At this difficult time in the world, this is still the path to health and world peace.

February/March Workshop

February 7: 9 – 11am MST- Treat Yourself to a Pilates Massage with Amy

February 14: 9-11am MST- Reformer on the Mat with Rachel

February 21: 9-11am MST- 4 Exercises in 1: Seamless classes at any level with Debora

February 28: 9-11am MST- Take Your Power Back: Looking at extension on the Equipment with Kelli

March 7: 9-11am MST- Finding your “Internal Shower” with Pilates Reformer with Kaile


4 Exercises in 1: Seamless classes at Any Level with Debora

February 21st 9 – 11am MST

The original inspiration for this workshop came from listening to the concerns of newer teachers learning to teach beginning level classes.  They found that in their experience there was not enough material, when following the prescribed order and curriculum, to teach an hour long class.  They were talking too much, explaining too much, in order to fill the time, and unable to keep the participants engaged and moving throughout.

The current version can serve both teachers and students alike.

The purpose and inspiration is to be empowered to create and/or participate in classes that are rich with the development of physical skills and mind body integration.  And to be engaged both physically and mentally at any level.

The class will review and play with the underlying movement patterns inherent in the learned choreography.  We will build upon and layer our movement skills. We will review and depend on concepts to support our ability to create links and transitions from movement to movement; exercise to exercise, playing with multiple variations and choices and, time allowing, share with each other what we discover along the way.

Each will workshop will be from 9:00 – 11:00 a.m. MST. The cost for individual workshops is $80. If you buy all 5 then the cost will be $375.

The event is finished.


Apr 18 2024


09:00 AM - 11:00 AM


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