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Date Completed


Program Evaluation

$70.00 USD


$105.00 USD



$150.00 USD



$50.00 USD

Advising Meeting 1


$70.00 USD

Advising Meeting 2


$105.00 USD

Advising Meeting 3


$105.00 USD

Advising Meeting 4


$70.00 USD

Case Study Reports (4)


$25.00 USD per report
($100.00 USD total)

Performance Evaluation


$100.00 USD

Practice Practical


$200.00 USD

Practice Performance


$100.00 USD

Observed Teaching

$70.00 USD per hour
(only 5 allowed)



$100.00 USD

  Total invoiced:



*If there are two examiners for the exams, the examiners will have to split the amount available for payment. This would include if a HA sits in with a LTT. The HA will receive payment too. Who completed the exam needs to be reported on the monthly report.

Once invoice is received it could take up to 45 days to receive payment.


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