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HA Final Payment Sheet

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1. Extensions


$100.00 USD

2. Observed Teaching


$70.00 USD per hour

3. Internship Hours

# of hours:  

$1.27 USD per hour Advanced 12 Month
$1.95 USD per hour Advanced 18 Month
$1.09 USD per hour Intermediate
$1.11 USD per hour Intermediate Plus
$1.18 USD per hour Bridge Other
$0.99 USD per hour Bridge Intermediate
$1.02 USD per hour Bridge Plus

4. Final Exams:

Final Practical
Final Performance

# of hours:

HA’s must participate either in person or over Skype during the exam in order to be paid for any final exam.

Advanced  (12 & 18 Month):
  Practical $200 USD
  Performance $200 USD

  Practical $100 USD
  Performance $100 USD

Intermediate Plus:
  Practical $200 USD
  Performance $100 USD

All Bridge Programs:
  Practical $200 USD       
  Performance $200 USD


Total invoiced:



Once Final Payment Sheet is received it could take up to 45 days to receive payment.


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