Our home has been in Boulder, Colorado USA since we opened our doors in 1990 but we have host studios across the globe. You can find a TPC trained teacher in almost every continent of the world and our huge community of teachers and studios is continually growing. We are proud to offer one of the most highly regarded and comprehensive teacher training programs in the world so no matter where you are you can find and work with the highest caliber of TPC teachers. Check out the map to find a studio or teacher near you.

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Licensed Studios
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For more information in your country reach out to our Licensed Teacher Trainers and their studios:
Pour plus d’informations dans votre pays, adressez-vous à nos studios principaux:

France: Nina Paavola, Bliss – 06 75 56 58 40 | nina@bliss-pilates.com | bliss-pilates.com

Canada: Katherine Denham, Kalijo Pilates – 604 740 2241 | info@kalijopilates.com | kalijopilates.com

India: Kavita Prakash, Pilates for Wellbeing – +91 80-42094055 | kp@pilatesforwellbeing.com | pilatesforwellbeing.com

Ireland: Jessy Babin, Enlightened Pilates – +35 086 721 3539 | info@enlightenedpilates.com | enlightenedpilates.com

Ireland: Susanne Liiri, To Move Freely – +35 383 471 5423 | susanne@tomovefreely.com | tomovefreely.com

Israel: Brenda Korb, Brenda Pilates with Heart – +972 524 848 011 | brendakorb@gmail.com | pilateswithbrenda.co.il

Lebanon: Maya Khairallah, The Pilates Floor – +961 71 266 000 | thepilatesfloor@gmail.com | ThePilatesFloor

UAE: Jeanique Lascar, Jeanique Yoga & Pilates – +971 55 306 5110 | jeaniqueyogapilates@gmail.com | jeaniquepilates.com

United Kingdom, Scotland: Lorna Magee, The Pilates Hub – +44 118 966 4274 | team@thepilateshub.co.uk | thepilateshub.co.uk

United Kingdom, England: Siobahn Paton, The Well Studios London – +44 772 547 4085  | info.thewellstudios@gmail.com

Licensed Studios in the USA:

Wisconsin: Debby Orlando, Park View Pilates – 414-640-2253 | debby@parkview-pilates.com | parkview-pilates.com

Find a TPC Trained Teacher

If you’re in the program and are looking to work with a TPC graduate, search for them here.

Complete your full training program

Mat class with Amy Taylor Alpers, The Pilates Center, Boulder CO

Licensed Studio

There is one Licensed Studios in the United States. Licensed Studios are owned by Licensed Teacher Trainers for The Pilates Center. Students will complete the entire program with a Licensed Studio, tuition is paid to the Licensed Studio. Licensed Studios are the only studios besides The Pilates Center in Boulder that can teach the Formal Lecture Series.

Licensed Teacher Trainers

These are graduates of The Pilates Center that are examiners for the all teacher training programs and can test students in and out of the program. LTT’s have been teaching over 5 years post graduate and are PMA Certified. This would include Orientation, all advising appointments, all Observed Teachings, all Case Study Reports, all Performance and Practical exams, final written exam, and mentorship hours. Essentially a student can complete the entire program with a Licensed Teacher Trainer without having to travel to Boulder, Colorado. Tuition is paid the TPC.

Receive assistance during your training program

Host Studio

Host Studios are owned and operated by a Host Advisor. At a Host Studio there may be one or more graduates or Host Advisors that a student can work with while enrolled in the programs.

Host Advisors

These are graduates of The Pilates Center that can assist students with a portion of the requirements for all teacher training programs. This would include Orientation, advising appointments, a percentage of Observed Teaching, Case Study Reports, possible assistance with Performance and Practical exams, and mentorship hours. Tuition is paid to TPC.


These are graduates of The Pilates Center that students can work with to complete their mentorship hours: practice teaching, observation, personal workouts, and lessons. Tuition is paid to TPC.