View Pricing for Pilates Lessons

New Client Specials

New Client Private Lesson$80
5 Pack New Client Private Lessons$388
Try Everything Pack! (5 Privates, 5 Reformer, 5 Mat, 1 Pole, 1 Chair)$667

Class Prices

Single Zoom Class$25
5 Pack Zoom$118
10 Pack Zoom$220
Single Equipment Class$30
5 Pack Equipment$141
10 Pack Equipment$270
Single Mat Class$25
5 Pack Mat$118
10 Pack Mat$220
Unlimited Monthly Classes$265

Private Lessons

Single Private Lesson$90
5 Pack Privates$423
10 Pack Privates$828
Single Duet Lesson$58
10 Pack Duets$530
Single Trainee-Taught Private Lesson$30
10 Pack Trainee-Taught Privates$265
Independent Workout Time Please call the studio at 303-494-3400 for available times$15

Taylor Sister Private Lessons

Single Taylor Sister Private Lesson$105
5 Pack Taylor Sister Privates$494
10 Pack Taylor Sister Privates$966
Single Taylor Sister Duet$67
10 Pack Taylor Sister Duets$618
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