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Summer Hall

Work between Boca Raton, and Ft. Lauderdale Florida 33062 Cell Phone: 917-399-4669 Work Phone: 917-399-4669 Website: Summer Hall Pilates


Photo of Summer Hall

I teach a combo of classical, TPC trained, and rehabilitative pilates from the Kathy Grant Heritage training, at several studios in the area. I service athletes, tennis and golf and some bicyclists as well as the injured, or post-op rehab clients.

I am looking for a building with a business partner to start my own studio in the upcoming couple years.


I came to Pilates from minor injury, I was a hyper-mobile yoga instructor. Once healed, I recognized the value of the method in my own body and as a natural teacher and leader I wanted to share this healing modality with others. I was referred to TPC, and I quote, “The Harvard of Pilates teacher trainings” by a friend and dancer Pilates instructor. The TPC training showed me the very elite level of fitness and movement capabilities, a standard with which to hold myself and strive for with my clients (even if it is just 2% closer every time – Rachel Segel). Post graduation, I also completed the Kathy Grant Heritage Training for a deeper understanding of working with a type of client that may need more modification or some extra equipment, like the straps, on the Cadillac, As I pursue my Physical Therapy degree in Florida most of my clients are rehabbing from devastating accidents and ailments or rehabbing athletes. It is my firm belief that breath and body awareness is for all bodies and sometimes comes in different shapes; whatever the shape, my goal with every client is to keep Pilates fun and engaging while challenging and rewarding. I thank TPC for the brilliant teachers and mentors I had the pleasure of studying with and look forward to a bright future of healing through the Pilates method.