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Stacey Mulvey

Cell Phone: 801-699-3632


Photo of Stacey Mulvey

Stacey discovered the joy of  studying and teaching movement when she practiced and taught Taekwondo in Salt Lake City the mid 90’s.  She began a career in technical support, including working for Apple, Inc. as a “Genius”; and became overweight and sedentary for several years. She re-discovered her passion and enthusiasm for movement and teaching, when she started exercising again doing Callanetics. Her journey of improving her own fitness level, through setting and achieving personal goals; enabled her to realize the truth in Joseph Pilates’ claim that “physical fitness is the first requisite to happiness”. She believes passionately in the reality that through mindful movement, the body can be reorganized and molded to it’s optimal and most healthy state.  Her approach to teaching the Pilates method is to teach to the client’s needs and patterns. And she still enjoys the process of “troubleshooting”, only now with the body, instead of a computer.

Stacey is an Intermediate Teacher Training Program graduate, Online Media Manager, and Pilates teacher at The Pilates Center in Boulder. She is currently enrolled as a trainee in The Pilates Center’s Bridge Program, to receive her Advanced Teacher Training certificate. She has studied and completed teacher training programs in Callanetics, pole dance and Pilates; and enjoys practicing yoga, and several outdoor activities.