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Rachel Bliss

Home 6 Penn Close, Barton On Sea New Milton Hampshire BH25 7LE United Kingdom Work Phone: 07799-140273 Website: Pivotal Pilates


Photo of Rachel Bliss

Rachel has been in the teaching industry 20+ years and graduated from this rigorous programme back in 2013. She loves being a Host Advisor and is thoroughly enjoying her time assisting trainees on their Programme. Her dream is to create a haven where people feel welcome, comfortable and gain the motivation to look after themselves through Pilates. Some would say “a little obsessed”! Pilates really is my life’s work and long may it continue. She will support and guide you every step of the way. Her hands-on approach assists you to feel what you are trying to achieve and awaken your ability to return you to life. Her passion, zest for life and light heartedness is infectious; you will also have many laughs along the way too. Her aim is to get the most out of you. You will positively move much more freely at the end of your session than when you first arrived. Her other passion is being with her beautiful grandchildren who she adores.