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Pilates Center of Rockville

Contact: Aliyah Hatcher
Work 5751-A Fishers Lane Rockville Maryland 20852 Work Phone: 301-770-3340 Website: Pilates Center of Rockville


Photo of Pilates Center of Rockville

Since 2011, Pilates Center of Rockville has built a reputation as the premier Pilates studio in the Washington DC metro area. Our team of Nationally Certified Pilates Teachers are movement specialists who teach Pilates to people of all ages, abilities, fitness levels, and body types for Total Body Conditioning, Pain Relief and Rehabilitation, Athletic Conditioning, and Breast Cancer Recovery. We’ll help you get stronger and improve your flexibility, mobility, balance, and overall body conditioning. We can help you recover from injuries and alleviate chronic pain and conditions, such as back pain, nerve pain, osteoporosis, and arthritis. We take an individualized approach with each client, and we pride ourselves on having the professional expertise to help anyone who walks through our doors.

Our mission is simple: “Come as you are. Leave at your best.”