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Marlene Marlene Weiner

Home 1260 Shelley ST Manhattan Beach California 90266 United States Work Phone: 310-291-5311


Photo of Marlene Marlene Weiner

I graduated the Pilates Center in June 2011.  I’ve been teaching the Pilates method for over 10 years.  I became interested in Pilates due to injury.  I immediately feel in love with the technique.  After practicing my own Pilates for a few years, my teacher Karen Richardson (also a Pliates Center Graduate) recommended I become a teacher.  My first teacher training program was with the Pilates Institute of Southern California.  After graduation I started teaching at a health club in the South Bay and Vital Balance Pilates in Redondo Beach.  My joy in sharing my knowledge and in helping my clients find their own personal balance, kept me yearning for more knowledge.  I went on to get my certification from the Pilates Center.  I continue to take workshops and study with different teachers to enable me to give the most of myself to my client’s. I believe it is an honor to help my clients, whether they come to see me due to injury or they just want a more balanced body and lifestyle.  As Joseph said “you are only as old as your spine is flexible”.   Of course, he also said Pilates is about the combination of mind, body and spirit.  How right he was!!!