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Marco Mauriello

Work Napoli Italy Cell Phone: + 39 377 44 27 429


Photo of Marco Mauriello


My formative Journey started aged 10, studying the principal techniques and disciplines of Classical, Contemporary and Modern Dance. Being very passionate and always wanting to improve myself I have took part in many classes and specialization courses, eventually winning a scholarship at the “Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance” in London.
I have worked as a choreographer for dance schools, promoter and organizer of projects aimed at the education to the movement.
Since 2012, I started working in the Postural Studios as a fitness instructor and, I started to specialize in the athletic training of the dancer working with San Carlos Theater student’s and Company, after a year I became a postural and a competent rehabilitation personal trainer.
My passion for Pilates took me in London where I found the “TPC” Training.
My life now is in Rome and I work in some studios and with my experience I can organize pilates ,postural and cardio fitness protocols.
I have experience as a manager and organizer of gym, completing the picture with a degree and a master in Management of Sport’s Service.
I am an enthusiastic and focused individual, a competent student who always wants to grow and improve. I am fast and with good communication skills, I like contact with people and confronting myself with people of all kinds and ages. I like working as part of a team and also individually, I have an understanding of the need for commitment and compromise, excellent organizational skills and time management.

2021: II Degree in “Managementsport services ” by “Unipegaso” University
2019 – 2020: Intermediate Pilates Teacher – “TPC” (The Pilates Center U.S.A.)
2018: “Hypopressivo instructor – 1st level” by Hypopressive academy, Madrid, Spain
2018: Master in “Management sport services ” by “Unipegaso” University
2017: Postural update course by F.B.I. (the best innovations in fitness) Roma, Italy
2016: Degree in “Physical Educations and Sport Science” by Napoli’s University “La Parthenope”
2014: Advanced postural instructor by F.B.I (the best innovations in fitness), Italy
2013: Gravity Instructor presso Total Gym, Napoli, Italy
2013: Postural personal trainer presso F.B.I. (the best innovations in fitness), Bari, Italy