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Lynn Key

Pilates Teacher Evolve Pilates of Denver
Home 22 Brookside Drive Greenwood Vilage Colorado 80121 Work Phone: 303-898-8041 Website: Evolve Pilates of Denver


Photo of Lynn Key

Lynn is proud to be a recent graduate of the highly regarded Teacher Training Program at The Pilates Center in Boulder, Colorado. She has completed over two hundred and seventy five hours of practice teaching with women and men ranging in age from their twenties to their sixties. Lynn has always been an active skier, swimmer and outdoor enthusiast. She was introduced to the classical method of Pilates six years ago by Ann Strazza, the owner and founder of Evolve Pilates of Denver. Lynn was inspired by Ann’s knowledge of Pilates and personal commitment to her clients. Lynn has found that the consistent practice of Pilates has increased her core strength, flexibility and energy level. She is convinced that the benefits of Pilates will allow her to stay active and keep up with her athletic family for many years. Lynn is excited to share her passion for the classical Pilates method with people of all ages and levels of fitness. She wants to spread the word that Pilates is not just for women!

     Lynn’s twenty seven year career as a teacher of young children has given her an understanding of different learning styles that enriches her teaching of adults. Lynn is known to have a calm presence and patient teaching style. Her strength as a teacher of Pilates is her ability to adjust her classes to meet each person’s unique level of experience, fitness, flexibility and strength.

Lynn is excited to be a member of the talented team of teachers at Evolve. She firmly believes in the ability of Pilates to improve posture and stimulate feelings of youth and vitality.  She looks forward to the opportunity to empower others through Pilates on their path towards overall health and well being.