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Lisa Mohr

Work 13200 Manchester Road Suite 100 Des Peres Missouri 63131 Work Phone: 314-471-2843 Website: Pilates and Custom Fitness


Photo of Lisa Mohr

Lisa has extensive education and experience in fitness and healthy lifestyles starting with Bachelor’s Degree in Community Health Education. The beginning of her professional career was in long-term care which inspired her to seek further health education. She returned to school and completed both a master’s program in Public Health and obtained her PhD in Public Health Studies.
Lisa’s education, experience and research work as a project director and part-time faculty member at Saint Louis University led her to realize that we need to radically change the way we think about diet and fitness. Her philosophy is focused on the long-term lifestyle changes necessary to keep and maintain personal health. This realization is what drove Lisa to take a very active approach in helping others improve and maintain their personal health and become a personal fitness trainer and Pilates instructor.

In her spare time, Lisa enjoys spending time outdoors in the garden and woods, camping, reading, crocheting, and caring for her husband and their four cats, in addition to her work at Saint Louis University as an adjunct Assistant Professor for the College for Public Health and Social Justice.