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Lindy Irwin

PMA®-CPT, RN Authentic Pilates
Work Austin Texas Work Phone: 512-650-7993 Website: Authentic Pilates


Photo of Lindy Irwin

Lindy Irwin has over 15 years of experience teaching classical Pilates. She grew up in Saint Petersburg, Florida and started ballet from age three. She attended various summer intensive ballet programs throughout the country where she was exposed to Pilates as supplemental conditioning for dance training. Pilates was an integral part of the dance program at TCU, where she studied ballet and modern dance. She turned to Pilates as her main focus to heal her severe Achilles tendonitis and inflammation in her body from rigorous dance training. She fell in love with how good Pilates made her body and mind feel, and she was really drawn to the systematic design and physicality of the classical method. She has over 1500 hours of comprehensive education and teacher training in the Pilates method. Lindy has done the majority of her classical training at The Pilates Center, Boulder, CO, which is one of the oldest and most comprehensive classical teacher training programs in the industry and is often referred to as “The Harvard of Pilates.” Lindy is a Pilates Method Alliance®-Certified Pilates Teacher.

Her nursing education and experience in vascular surgery gave her a profound perspective to the physiological benefits of the Pilates method as it pertains to preventive health, as well as, healing and rehabilitation. Lindy is experienced working with various client ages, professional backgrounds, and acute or chronic conditions.

Lindy is extremely passionate about teaching and helping people reap the healthful benefits of Pilates for a peaceful, centered, and joyful life. Lindy appreciates Pilates for keeping her conditioned for her other passion in life, which is mothering her sweet little three-year-old boy.